Army Green Vs Olive Green (Are The Same Color?)

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Army green is a darker shade than olive green and often has a more blue tint. On the other hand, Olive green is named for its similarity to the colour of olives and tends to have a yellow or brown tint.

When choosing between the two colours, it comes down to personal preference.

Army Green vs Olive Greem – The Compare Table

SerialArmy GreenOlive Green
1.Army green is a bit darker and more muted than olive green.Olive green is a lite darker and more muted than Army green.
2.Army Green has a slightly yellowish tint.Olive green is more of actual green colour.
3.Army green looks a bit greener.Olive green when seen in sunlight.
4.Versatile color that is easily adaptable to many different surroundings.Symbolizes strength and resilience.
5.Ideal for camouflage in military settings.Can be used as a neutral color when decorating a space.
6.Professional-looking and appropriate for formal military occasions.Easily found in nature, giving it a natural feel.
7.Neutral hue that complements other colors well.Stylish and subtle way to add color to an outfit or space without being too loud or overwhelming.

Is Military Green the Same As Olive Drab?

No, military green is not the same as olive drab. Olive drab is a specific colour used in the United States Army and Marine Corps. Military green is a shade of green that is used by militaries around the world.

What Color is Army Green?

Army green is a dark shade of green most commonly associated with the United States Army. The official army green colour is ” olive drab” and is specified by the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as PMS 3015. However, army green can also refer to a range of other dark green shades, such as forest Green or Hunter Green.

What Color is Army Green?
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What Colors are Similar to Olive Green?

Olive green is a unique colour that can be difficult to find exact matches for. However, several colours are similar to olive green and can be complementary or accent colours. Some of these colours include dark green, khaki, and brown. Each colour has a unique undertone that can help create a specific mood or atmosphere.

For example, dark green is often associated with nature and the outdoors, while khaki is more commonly associated with neutrality and calmness. Brown can also lean towards different undertones depending on the shade, but overall, it is a warm colour. When choosing colours similar to olive green, you must consider the desired effect you are going for in your space.


There’s a big difference between army green and olive green, even though they might look similar at first glance. Army green is much darker and muted, while olive green has a brighter, more vibrant hue. Army green is also much more rugged and durable, making it ideal for outdoor or military activities.

Meanwhile, olive green has a softer feel and is often used in fashion or home decor. So which one should you choose? It depends on your style and what you’re looking for in colour.