What Are The Pros And Cons Of Tattoo Placement? – Everything You Need To Know

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Tattoo Placement is a way for an individual to show their personality and interests, or commemorate a significant event or another notable aspect about themselves. On the other hand, The healing process from a broken wrist can be uncomfortable. The wrist is a tricky spot.

Body art has become a very popular means of expression among people from all walks of life. One popular type of body modification that has gained popularity over the past few decades is tattoos.

Pros and Cons Of Tattoo Placement – Let’s Know The Table

SerialPros Of Tattoo PlacementCons Of Tattoo Placement
1.Tattoos on your fingers are usually simpler and smaller.Tattoo artists aren’t doctors or Medical professors, but they can still cause infections.
2.Another popular place for small tattoos is the wrist is very visible.Some religions do not support tattoos.
3.A lot of people tattoo their backs because it is a place that can hold a lot of ink.Tattoo placement can be a negative thing. For example, tattoos on the neck and hands look less professional than other tattoos.
4.The chest is the most popular place to get a small tattoo.If you choose the placement of your tattoo poorly, then it can be a bad look for your skin or appearance.
5.The Shoulder area of your body is an ideal place for a tattoo.Tattoos are an art, but they are also considered a crime in many countries.
6.The quality of the skin is also great for all-colour or black ink.Tattoos are painful.
7.Tattoos on the arms can be considered a form of art.Tattoos on your skin can damage your health.

Pros Of Tattoo Placement

1. The Hand Design

A lot of people want hand tattoos – some even go as far as getting their entire palm tattooed! Because this is such a popular spot, there’s a large variety of designs you can do here from bold lines on one hand, to more intricate detail on all your fingers and across your knuckles.

2. The Leg Design

For those wanting sleeve tattoos or anything from the waist down to the feet, this is the spot for you. Placement choices include the top, inside, and outside of both legs. The skin quality is also great for any type of colour or black ink.

3. The Shoulder Design

A lot of people can’t decide if they want a tattoo on their arm or their shoulder, so why not have both? This area allows for some stunning work that will be easily visible when wearing most anything with arms – short sleeves, tank tops, etc. Placement choices come down to the front deltoid muscle (between the neck and elbow) or the mid/lower part of your back (between your shoulders).

4. The Chest Design

This popular placement choice works for tattoos ranging from small designs to full-chest pieces. The skin quality is good for colour but can be a bit more challenging with black ink. You’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of room to work with and that you’re okay with potentially having people see your tattoo when you’re undressed.

5. The Stomach Design

This is a great spot for tattoos that are small and simple, or for those who don’t want something too visible right away. It can be easily hidden under clothing and the skin quality is great for colour and black ink. Placement choices include the front, sides, or lower back of the stomach.

6. The Back Design

The back is a popular placement choice for large – especially those that cover a lot of skin. It’s also a great spot for tattoos with bold lines, straightforward designs, and colour. But the skin quality may cause issues when it comes to black ink. Placement choices include anywhere from between your shoulder blades down to your lower back.

7. The Neck Design

This is another great option for small, simple tattoos that are easily hidden by wearing almost anything with a high collar. The skin quality is good for colour in general, but not ideal for black ink because of how close everything is together. It can be painful too – if you have a very thick neck or sensitive skin this might not be an ideal placement choice.

8. The Wrist Design

Another popular spot for small designs, wrist tattoos are usually very visible. The skin quality is good for colour and black ink but can be tricky because of how delicate the skin is in that area. Placement choices include the inside or outside of either wrist.

9. The Ankle Design

This is a great spot for tattoos that are small and simple, or for those who want something more subtle. The skin quality is good for colour and black ink, and placement choices include the front, sides, or back of the ankle.

10. The Face Design

This is not a typical placement choice, but it can look amazing if done correctly. If you’re thinking about a face tattoo, be sure to do your research and find an experienced artist who has a lot of experience with this type of work.

11. The Finger Design

While tattoos on your fingers are usually smaller and simpler, they can be a bit more painful to get done because of how close everything is together. Skin quality is good for colour, but not ideal for black ink because it’s so detailed work. Placement choices include both the top of your fingers and the inside of them closer to your palm/wrist area.

Cons Of Tattoo Placement

1. Damage Skin

Tattoo placement can damage your skin health. 

2. Unnecessary Pain

The method of tattooing is painful and can sometimes leave you with a permanent mark on your body.

3. Legal Issues

Tattoos can be treated as a crime in some countries, so one has to watch out for legal actions against tattoos.

4. Cosmetic Damage

If you do not choose the placement option wisely then it may lead to a bad look at your skin or appearance that is not needed by you or others around you.

5. Changes In Lifestyle Preferences After Getting Your Design Done

Getting tattoos may change your lifestyle choices like making tattoos more difficult to wear formal clothes & uniforms which includes most professions requiring good hygiene & image, especially if they include cleanroom or operating room environments.

6. Negative Perceptions

Tattoos are also associated with criminals who may be hooligans or people having illegal professions like drug peddling etc. Tattoos can be the reason for negative stereotypes which make you look bad in front of other people around you.

7. Religious Reasons

Some religions do not allow getting tattoos on your body, so if you have decided to get one but fear getting into hassle later so it’s better to avoid tattooing until you don’t have any religious issues otherwise you will have to bear consequences later & repent later for the tattooing done previously by being disturbed mentally because it has no use now if religiously something is not allowed then not doing it at all would be beneficial instead of regretting it.

8. Risk Of Infection

A tattoo artist is not a doctor or even a medical professional, so there’s always an increased risk of infection during the tattooing process.

9. Risk Of Scarring

If the needle used to tattoo your design is too dull and damages your skin it can leave scars on your body that may or may not fade with time and will never completely go away.

10. Does not last forever

Just like any other printed pictures tattoos also fade as days pass by, but they will never be as good as fresh ones done on you & if kept well then they could remain for years but still, it has no guarantee that their colour won’t wear out after some time leaving behind ugly marks on you which cannot be covered.

All You Need To Know About Tattoo Placement

All You Need To Know About Tattoo Placement

Tattoos have been around as long as humans have lived, but they’ve changed greatly throughout history based on current trends and technologies. In modern times, tattoos are more diverse than ever before with vast differences in style, colours used, application methods, sizes, designs, and placement, where the tattoo is located on the body.

Tattoos can be placed anywhere on the human body, but there are some areas that work better than others depending on the design and size of the tattoo. Generally, tattoos that are small and simple can be placed just about anywhere, but as tattoos get bigger and more complex, their placement becomes more important.


Tattoos can be a beautiful form of self-expression, but you need to carefully consider all the pros and cons before making your final placement choice. Good luck!