How Far Do Pros Hit 7 Iron?

Last Updated on January 7, 2023 by Lily Connel

The average professional golfer can hit a 7-iron between 172 and 215 yards, while the average amateur male golfer hits it between 120 and 172 yards. Amateurs may not be able to hit their irons as far as pros, but with practice, they can certainly get close.

Generally speaking, professional golfers can hit their irons up to around 200 yards. This is because they have years of experience and have perfected their technique. They also tend to use higher-quality clubs that are designed for distance.

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How Far Does Tiger Woods Hit a 7 Iron?

Tiger Woods is one of the world’s most famous and successful golfers. People are always interested in how far he can hit a golf ball. Tiger Woods has said he can hit a seven iron up to 190 yards.

This seems like a very impressive distance, but it is normal for a professional golfer. Most professional golfers can hit a seven-iron between 170 and 210 yards. So while Tiger Woods may be able to hit his seven-iron a little further than most, it is not by much.

How Do Pros Hit Irons So Far?

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First, they have breakneck swing speeds. The average PGA Tour player swings their driver around 115 mph, but the best players can turn it closer to 130 mph.

Second, they have perfect technique. They make sure to hit down the ball and compress it against the clubface to get maximum distance.

Finally, they use high-quality equipment.

They don’t cut corners when buying their game’s best clubs and balls. If you want to hit your irons further like the pros, you need to work on increasing your swing speed and perfecting your technique.

You also need to invest in some quality equipment. It won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it when you start hitting your irons farther.

How Far Do Pros Hit Their 9-Iron?

Professional golfers are estimated to hit their 9-iron 160-170 yards on average. However, there is a wide range of distances that pros can hit their 9-iron depending on their abilities.

Some pros may be able to hit it 190 yards, while others may only be able to hit it 140 yards. Ultimately, it comes down to the club they are using and how they swing it.

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