Netflix Cons And Pros – Is It Worth Be A Member?

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Netflix is a website where users can create an account and stream thousands of movies. Netflix has become so popular that it can be found in most households across America. However, there are cons to using Netflix that people should know before becoming members. On the other downside, while Netflix doesn’t feature the latest TV shows and movies, its library is not as currently updated.

Netflix users on Verizon devices will now be able to instantly watch movies and television shows without any buffering or lag time when watching content over the Verizon network. Netflix is a movie and television show streaming service that allows subscribers to watch their favorite Netflix shows over the internet on their computer, phone, tablet, gaming console, or television. It has thousands of movies and hundreds of TV shows available.

Cons and Pros Of Netflix – The Comparison Table

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1.Netflix is very expensive. Plans range from $7.99 to $11.99 depending on how many devices you can stream at once and whether or not you would like TV shows and movies in HD. Needless to say, this adds up really quickly. If you’re already using Netflix as much as most people do, then you would be spending at least $10 a month. Fortunately, it offers a 1-month free trial which can be cancelled anytime afterwards to avoid billing after the month is over.Netflix is simple and easy to use.
2.This brings up another Canceling it is very difficult and frustrating, despite their claim of how easy it is. First of all, Netflix doesn’t allow you to cancel online. You must call them and wait on hold for at least an hour (and this is if you’re lucky). So if you decide Netflix isn’t for you, many people tend to forget about it and continue paying for their service months later. It really should be much easier than it is with how it makes cancelling out to be.Users benefit from Netflix’s simple interface and how easy it is to use Netflix. You can also watch on any device with Netflix, whether it be a phone, tablet, or TV.
3.People often complain about Netflix’s quality. Many members have reported their streaming quality is very poor and many times it buffers, causing a lot of frustration for users. In addition, Netflix only offers standard definition (SD), which is generally 480p or 720p. This leads to losing out on a lot of business since Netflix competitors such as Hulu and Amazon offer HD streaming with some plans.Netflix is overall a good website for streaming movies and television shows.
4.Netflix also has a very limited selection. Netflix’s catalogue, despite having many titles, does not compare to full-fledged competitors such as Hulu and Amazon which have just as many if not more titles. Netflix also has a petition that its members can sign to show their support for having more titles added. It’s hard enough that members have to wait months for Netflix movies to finally come out.The membership fee is expensive but Netflix does offer a one-month free trial which can be cancelled anytime during the month to avoid billing.
5.Netflix also has the poor streaming quality and a limited selection of titles compared to Netflix competitors such as Hulu and Amazon.Netflix is Ad free side.
6.For one Netflix has a lot of downfalls, one of which is the original series. Netflix original series are made shows that boast as being high quality and exclusive to Netflix. This however is false advertising. Although originals have been nominated for awards they do not compare to the standard of television shows produced by other studios such as 20th-century fox and rival HBO. Also, Netflix originals have been known to be overhyped, making Netflix users believe they are high-quality shows but they turn out to be a disappointment.One of Netflix’s most popular features is simultaneous viewing.
7.Netflix also has a lot of inappropriate content on the website which makes it easy for children to access this content. This can be dangerous for users, especially parents of young children.Netflix provides two ways to download content, standard and high quality.
8.It is not good for the environment. Although it only uses 1/3 of bandwidth Netflix accounts for 30% of all internet traffic which can harm the environment by wasting copious amounts of energy to power servers and watching on your computer or another device also uses Netflix.
9.Netflix is a conundrum, it has great content but the original series is over-advertised. - Nitflix-1

Some Fun Facts About Netflix 

Netflix is a subscription-based movie service that allows its users to view Netflix’s entire streaming library from any computer with an Internet connection.

It has 24 million subscribers in 40 countries and has been found online since 1998. They can be used on multiple devices including computers, TVs, Blu-ray players, tablets, and mobile phones through a Netflix app or Netflix-compatible device. Netflix has grown exponentially since its establishment and is continuing to expand, making it an ideal business for investors.

History Of Netflix

Netflix offers three different subscription plans for users to choose from: one month costs $7.99; six months cost $11.99, and a one-year subscription costs $17.99. They also allow users to purchase or rent movies and TV shows. Recently they joined forces with Virgin Media in order to allow Netflix streaming on Virgin Media’s TiVo set-top box, which delivers video-on-demand services to television sets in the UK. it entered into a partnership with telecom company Verizon in 2014.

Netflix is a media streaming company that delivers both television shows and movies through various platforms. It was originally created as a DVD rental service but began delivering its services via the internet in 2007. Netflix serves over 50 million subscribers around the world as of 2017, with 58% of those being from North America. They are now headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

Netflix is known for producing original content, which is exclusive to Netflix and can only be viewed on Netflix. It also licenses other titles that are not produced but are exclusively distributed by Netflix for a set amount of time. They have received 13 Emmy Awards, with 4 being awarded in 2016, the most Emmy Awards won by any network in a single year.

Netflix also won the Best Leading Actor award for Kevin Spacey in 2015, who stars in Netflix’s exclusive original content House of Cards. It is known to release entire seasons of its shows on a single day, as Netflix has enough space and bandwidth enough to handle it easily. They were originally founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.


Netflix is a home entertainment media delivery system that provides you with the ability to watch Netflix via your computer, television, tablet, or mobile phone. Netflix offers its users a variety of different shows and movies from different genres such as comedy, documentary, and drama. However, this convenience does not come without its negative aspects.