Pros And Cons of Nose Piercing – You Must Know About These

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Studies show that nose piercing can regulate the wavelengths in your brain, and this leads to improved mental health and stability. On the other hand, Piercing your nose is more challenging. If you are going to get a piercing, look for a more sensitive area on the face.

Nose piercing is a fad that swept through the country recently. I was one of those tempted by it, but something seems fishy about it all. It’s said that nose piercing is a perfect way to enhance facial beauty, but is this true? If you’re not careful, your pierce might infect and deface with an enormous bump! It’s no surprise that these are some of the complaints we’ve received, but is this all?

Pros and Cons Of Nose Piercing – Let’s Know The Table

SerialPros Of Nose PiercingCons Of Nose Piercing
1.Nose Piercing will add a unique touch to your face that only YOU will have! No one else in the world has this gorgeous piercing on their nose.Nose Piercing is Painful.
2.You can use it to test if someone is kissing you on the cheek or the lips because kisses on this side hurt more than on the other side.Not so sharp as navel and belly button piercings.
3.Because of its location, you will always be able to see it regardless of your facial expression or mood change. It can never turn transparent or invisible!Itchy, irritating skin around the studs for quite some time after wearing it.
4.It won’t make you look older. It is very fresh, vibrant, and youthful!The nose gets sore when being hit by a ball or something medium-sized by accident, especially if the nose stud is new still. Resulting in pain sometimes.
5.Because people often kiss noses when they greet someone, it means more kisses for YOU if you have one!“It looks so ugly on you” -Frankly speaking, I don’t care about others’ opinions, do you? But please don’t say that kind of stuff to people who are getting their noses pierced! Seriously! Some noses just suit the style better than others ones.
6.It has been around for thousands of years, so why not go back to basics? Do you want to be a follower or a trendsetter? A trendsetter always chooses the oldest versions instead of the latest versions! Originality is ALWAYS better than being conformist!It takes quite some time until you get used to it, and when watching moving pictures, they’ll go like “Sssssshhhh” when you try to look at them close enough or when something is spinning around you (e.g.: a fan of a helicopter). Anybody who has experienced this knows how annoying it is not to be able to watch normal movies.
7.If you get good at manipulating airflow around your nose region, then you can even use it as a way to give yourself a mini-snorkel session.You can stick your fingers up your nose with the studs.
8.It will put the hair out of place much less often than earrings because the hair usually grows from the scalp and not the face where the piercing is placed.When being hit by a ball/something medium-sized even if it didn’t hurt before, it will hurt now since the new skin around the nose stud is a bit more sensitive than the nose at first. It can even hurt quite a lot, and if you’re unlucky it will start bleeding. Although we guess this is not a con of having your nose pierced, but rather an additional problem if you have had it pierced.
9.You do not have to worry about losing or dropping a body part that hangs down or sticks out! 10. It looks gorgeous in selfies!!! Selfies are so important nowadays… When was the last time you saw someone NOT taking a selfie?Washing your face with water feels more uncomfortable since the skin around the nose studs will hit against your fingers if you wash from behind.
10.In extremely cold weather, it serves as an extra heat radiator whereby you can warm your hands on it without having to take off your gloves!Not that many women who are into fashion go for this kind of piercing. This can cause problems when going to clubs or parties where everybody wears short skirts/shorts etc. And btw: How cool would it be if more girls in clubs would wore them!
11.No one knows if you put studs on your top lip! It is more discreet than other parts of the body.When playing with baby siblings/cousins, they’ll grab your nose studs once they’ve spotted it and try to pull it up.
12.You can pretend that your nose piercing is an extra nostril that allows more air to go through it, making you smell better late at night when late-night parties with friends are held in pubs or restaurants with poor ventilation systems after midnight.People might think that you are doing drugs when coming across the nose studs by accident since it is located where you also breathe through. However, not many people know which part of the body they look at when meeting a stranger’s glance.
13.No one will ever ask why you use a straw when there are no straws around!Nose studs do look a bit weird when being taken off doesn’t matter though if they’re still in good shape.
14.Your relationship status may not change even if you have chosen to get this piercing because it is optional for partners to kiss your cheeks, lips, or nose depending on how they greet each other!It can get allergic reactions from time to time causing pain and stuff. e.g.: Because the skin wasn’t cleaned enough before putting on the nose studs, or because you got some of the cleaning liquid into your eyes by accident.
15.It does not look awkward in selfies with masks that most people take during Halloween celebrations.If you are afraid of needles, don’t even think about fearing nose piercing! Even if it’s not as painful as people say (compared to other piercings), you wouldn’t choose to have them done with a tattoo gun or something like that.
Pros Of Nose Piercing


You may have to use some force, but try your best not to slam it in or out! This can cause further damage or sinusitis. Keep pushing until you find that familiar ‘pop!’ sound. It is normal for blood, mucous, and other nasty things to ooze out for some time. But don’t freak out; all this is part of the healing process. Keep it on for at least six hours, but you better take it off before going to bed!