What Are The Pros And Cons of Building A Wall On A Border? – All You Need To Know

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There are three specific reasons for building a wall: To establish sovereignty over ungoverned or unruly lands. To protect the country. To stop terrorists and drugs from entering the country. On the other side, A wall on the border will harm the diverse animals that live there. Second, the fence did not stop illegal immigration.

There has been a lot of debate around the US-Mexico border over whether or not to build a wall. Many say it will be helpful in stopping illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States, while others disagree. The cost of building the wall is a major factor in many people’s disdain toward the idea. Some estimates place the cost between $8 and $13 billion. Some people do support this idea, though. People that live on the border say it will be beneficial for their community to have a wall separating them from Mexico so they don’t worry about illegal immigrants crossing onto their land.” The length of this wall is also controversial. Some estimates claim it will be about 2,000 miles long. The US-Mexico border spans 1,954 miles (3,145 km), so if the wall was made out of concrete and was no wider than 12 feet (3.6 meters) across in some parts, it could reach from one end to the other.

Pros and Cons Of Building A Wall On The Border – The Differences

SerialPros Of Building A Wall On The BorderCons Of Building A Wall On The Border
1.Building a wall on the border would decrease illegal activity along the border.Building a wall on the border won’t stop people from crossing it illegally.
2.A wall built on the border would prevent smuggling.A wall could have negative effects on some communities.
3.Building a wall across the border would decrease the number of illegal immigrants in the United States.A border wall is a long-term project which means more people will be in danger for a long time.
4.A wall on the border will prove how powerful and strong is.The reason illegal immigration is so prevalent in the U.S. is that fences haven’t stopped people from crossing illegally.
5.The border wall will create jobs for those who want them.Donald Trump is building a wall on the border with Mexico. But it will cost a lot of money.
6.Building a wall along the border would decrease our national debt.The reason illegal immigration is so prevalent in the U.S. is that fences haven’t stopped people from crossing illegally.
7.The border wall will greatly help those who live along the border.

Pros Of Building A Wall On The Border

1. It Would Decrease The Amount Of Illegal Activity Along The Border

The reason people build walls is to keep out those that aren’t supposed to be entering their property; this idea could work well on a national scale as well. If there were no longer gaps and holes where someone could sneak through, it would make both crossing and patrolling near the border much easier.

2. It Would Decrease The Number Of Illegal Immigrants In The United States

Some people think it’s wrong to be “against” illegal immigrants; these are simply people that want better opportunities for themselves and their families. However, there is no denying that illegal immigration creates problems in our country. Crime rates go up because of the high number of immigrants that are undocumented. Crime is also harder to fight when there’s no one who can identify criminals or can be identified as suspicious.

3. It Would Decrease The Amount Of Smuggling Done At The Border

Smuggling means people take things across borders illegally, which could include anything from drugs and weapons to humans and animals. With a wall, it would be more difficult to cross the border, which means fewer illegal activities could occur on both sides.

4. It Would Show the Power And Strength Of Our Country

Even if a wall wouldn’t stop people from crossing over illegally, it could make them think twice about making the trip because they know there will be difficulty involved. Our country is one of the most powerful in the world and it doesn’t make sense for us to allow people to jump our borders and commit crimes. Even if all they want to do is look for a better way of life, we should make sure there’s no chance they’ll succeed at crossing over.

5. It Would Decrease Our National Debt

If the people that come into the country illegally pay taxes, then this would reduce the national debt. It wouldn’t be a huge difference, but it could help all the same.

6. It Benefits Those Who Live Along The Border

As mentioned above, if a wall is built on part of our border, those who live near the said area will feel safer with a wall erect. They won’t have to worry as much about people that don’t belong in their area crossing over and causing trouble.

7. It Makes Jobs Available For Those Who Want Them

One of the biggest issues surrounding illegal immigration is the idea that immigrants come into our country and steal job opportunities from American citizens. By building a wall, we would create jobs for those who can’t find work elsewhere.

8. An Increase Of Happiness And Morale Among Those Who Work For Our Country

The wall is a project that will take a great deal of time and money to complete—which means there will be many opportunities to change what’s going on or reevaluate things. This will cause people to feel as though they are making a difference.

9. It Will Take Away The Incentive For Criminals To Visit Our Country Illegally

If it’s harder to cross over illegally, there will be less of an opportunity for illegal immigrants to become involved in criminal activities. The risk/reward ratio won’t be worth it for them since they won’t be able to get into our country easily.

10. It Will Show That We Are A Country That Is Serious About Its Laws And The Enforcement Of Them

Many people disagree with our country’s policies, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re still in effect—as well as how important it is for us to enforce them. A wall will show that we’re taking our laws seriously and that those who break them face the consequences.

11. It Will Help Those Who Live At Or Near Borders

As mentioned before, people living near the border feel as though they could be in danger if our country doesn’t take steps to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. with ease. A wall will allow them to feel safer since they’ll know that there’s a chance illegal immigrants won’t be able to enter the country so easily.

12. It Will Reduce The Number Of Children Who Die As A Result Of Illegal Immigrants.

Every year hundreds of children drown in the Rio Grande river because they’re trying to cross over into our country illegally and have no idea that the water is so hazardous, even for those who know how to swim. A wall would tell people not to cross over illegally because of the dangers involved—which would reduce the number of children who have to die as a result.

13. It Will Be Better For Us In The Future

As previously mentioned, a wall is a project that will take a lot of time and money to complete, which means there are going to be plenty of new developments including changes in security, technology, and anything else that comes up. This would help us be prepared for whatever might come our way in the future.

Cons Of Building A Wall On The Border:

1. People Will Still Cross Over Illegally Through Our Country

As we’ve seen with fences and other border-related challenges, people that want to get into the United States illegally won’t just give up because a wall is built. If they can get around it or if their reasons for coming in are strong enough, they will still come even though they might face greater challenges.

2. It Will Take Time To Build—Which Means More People Are At Risk Until It’s Completed

If we’re going, to be honest about this issue, then we have to admit that the process of building a wall is going to take time. That means during that period there will still be people attempting to cross over illegally—which will put their lives at risk until the wall is complete.

3. Vulnerable Communities Could Be Affected In A Negative Way By The Construction Of A Wall

It’s easier to build a wall in open areas since there isn’t much going on in terms of protecting or building around it. However, when you’re trying to establish a wall in areas that have built-up communities, it can be more complicated. This could result in the destruction of protected habitats or damage to homes—which goes against what most people want.

4. Fences didn’t stop illegal immigrants from coming into the U.S.

Why would they stop them with a wall? A fence was built along with parts of the United States–Mexico border in an effort to stop illegal immigration. However, it’s been proven that fences are not as efficient at doing this as once thought and they’re also more expensive than building a wall would be. Plus, there are other types of physical barriers that could help keep people out of our country illegally, which would be better than spending billions on a wall. 18. A wall doesn’t address the root of the problem

As mentioned previously, illegal immigrants come into our country for many reasons other than just wanting to ’cause trouble.’ However, if we build a wall to keep them out then that won’t change—even though other things could be done that would help tackle this problem.

5. Building A Wall On The Border will Cost a Lot of Money Build

A wall that doesn’t solve the problems we’re having with illegal immigration As mentioned on another point, building a wall will cost billions of dollars which is money that could be spent on other things related to illegal immigration instead. This includes increasing support for legal immigrants to enter the country and giving them a better chance at getting jobs

6. The government can’t afford to build it right now

Since we don’t have enough money to deal with all of our problems related to illegal immigration (like helping those who are already in this country), building an expensive wall will be difficult for us to afford at this moment.


We, as a country, need to look at ways we can handle the problem of illegal immigration instead of pushing it aside by building an expensive wall. That’s going to be hard for many people to see who want a wall because they want something physical that they can see—but unless this move will help us end the challenges that come with undocumented immigrants, that’s not going to help.