Pros And Cons Of Changing Your Phone Number

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Phone numbers are an important part of everyone’s life. We use them every day whether we’re calling our family or friend, or ordering on-demand services such as Uber. It is not uncommon for people to want to change their phone number for a variety of reasons: safety, privacy, or just a new number. Unfortunately, changing phone numbers is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you have never had a phone before and your number was assigned randomly upon sign-up, you will still be forced to go through a time-consuming process of contacting every company that has your number listed on file. While this is inconvenient, it is necessary to avoid fraudulent phone charges that are not your own.

For example, if your phone gets stolen you may want to change the number so that the thief cannot access any of your services. You can also change phone numbers if you want a fresh start – for example if you move to a new city and want a local number instead of keeping your old long-distance one.

Pros and Cons of Changing Phone Number – Let’s Know The Table

SerialPros of Changing Phone NumberCons of Changing Phone Number
1. Changing the Phone Number is easier to protect your privacy.Changing phone numbers is frustrating.
2.You can protect your family through a unique security system is Changing Phone Numbers.If you change your phone number, you may not be able to keep your contacts.
3.It’s super convenient to have both of your important contacts in one place.Change your phone number, and you might miss out on a lot of free stuff.
4.You can use a phone number that is not your number.It’s a waste of time to have to update your number with all your messaging platforms.
5.It’s easier to remember because you choose the area code.You can change your number, but if you do, you will lose access to important documents.
6.You can avoid confusion by updating your phone number regularly.If you change your phone number, you’ll have to re-establish trust with everyone you know.
7.You’re probably wondering if situations like Changing Phone Numbers will arise in a short Time.You will get a lot of unwanted calls and texts asking you to change your number.

Pros of Changing Phone Number

1) Secure The Safety

You can secure the safety of those you love.

2) Personal Information

It gives people a harder time tracking down your personal information.

3) Trying to Remember

It’s more convenient than trying to remember two phone numbers for life or ever getting a second number that is unlisted.

4) New Number

Your new number will be easier to remember because you choose the area code and only have to remember one number instead of a string of 10 digits.

5) Situations

You can get rid of any doubts about whether or not situations like this will come up.

6) Easy to Remember The Number

You can make your new number memorable (but not too hard to remember). So, if the six-number string 12-34-56-78 is available, you can dial “123456” every time you need to call yourself on that line without having to memorize anything. This would be very useful for those who have frequent appointments.

7) Short Number

You can have a number that is short and not immediately associated with your identity, so you will want to give it out as your number but nobody else will want to use it as their own.

8) Avoid The Possibility of Someone Calling

You can avoid the possibility of someone calling you on the wrong day and being confused when they get the new number.

Cons Of Changing Your Phone Number

Cons Of Changing Your Phone Number

1) You’ll Lose Track Of Your Contacts

Once you change numbers, you’ll find that all your old contacts are automatically removed from many people’s phones. That’s great, but it also means you won’t be able to get in touch with them anymore! The only way is to track them down via social media (that doesn’t always work) or through their email.

2) You May Not Be Able To Keep Your Contacts Number For a Long

If you are staying with your carrier, they will likely want to reward you with a new phone. Don’t forget about this fact when changing numbers! If they don’t let you keep your old number, many people will simply go elsewhere!

3) You May Lose Out On A Lot Of Free Stuff

It’s no surprise that carriers usually send you free things if you have been with them for a while. That includes upgrades, discounts, and even just promotional materials! If your number changes, they won’t be able to get in touch with you anymore.

4) You’ll Waste A Lot Of Time Updating Your Number With Services

Do you use two-factor authentication? That means you’ll need to provide your phone number for most online accounts. It is fairly common now, and it will take some time to sync this information if you ever change numbers. This requires a lot of wasted time.

5) You Might Lose Access To Important Documents

Do you use your phone for important documents? Of course not! (But some people do!) If such a thing exists, it probably has your old number saved. That means you’ll need to contact whoever sent it to you and ask them to resend the file with the new phone number – or lose access entirely!

6) You’ll Get A Lot Of Unwanted Calls And Texts

Once you change numbers, it’s like having an entirely new phone! A lot of spam callers will use different methods to try and get in touch – so be prepared for a few annoying conversations.

7) You’ll Have To Establish Trust With Other People Again

This is related somewhat to the last point. Once you change numbers, it will be more difficult to trust people with your old number. It’s not really their fault – but it does mean they’ll have to go to extra lengths to prove who they are!

8) You Might Miss Out On Important Calls And Texts

People may inadvertently send you important information on the old phone number, and you may not get it! This kind of thing can be especially problematic if your carrier is slow to update the contact information in their system.

9) You’ll Get A Lot Of Unwanted Texts From Services

This one is similar to the last point. Services like WhatsApp tend to send out important messages to all your contacts – but only to the old number. When you change numbers, these messages will be sent to a lot of people who really don’t need them!

10) You’ll Have Trouble Getting Back In Touch If Something Goes Wrong With Your Phone

If something happens with your phone and you can’t access it, it may be difficult to get back in touch unless it is highly important to you. I’d recommend keeping a secondary phone on hand, but that may be difficult in some cases.

11) You’ll Miss Key Updates And Notifications

If you use your phone for notifications – like for Facebook or Twitter – then you should consider how they will handle the new number. There’s no guarantee these services will work, but there are some things you can do to make it easier for everyone involved.

12) You’ll Need To Reach Out To Other People Again

If you don’t want to lose contact with certain people, you should probably call them and let them know how to get in touch with you! Otherwise, they may not be able to do so – and that could be bad.

13) You’ll Get Spam By Email Or Text

Spammers can get in touch with you regardless of what kind of device you’re using, so it makes sense to cover all your bases! If they have an outdated contact number for you, then you might miss out on a few opportunities – or even just

How To Change Your Phone Number

How To Change Your Phone Number

To change your phone number, you will have to contact your mobile service provider(s) first. They usually provide the number of a specialized department for changing numbers. From here, you would inform them that you wish to change your phone number and they will assign you a new one. It is important to make sure everything is handled at the same time so that you do not get double-charged for long-distance calls.

You will also need to contact companies like Amazon, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple ID, etc. These companies do not allow for number changes; it is your responsibility to update your account information with the phone number listed on file. This means that if you change your number for privacy reasons, you will need to make new accounts on all your online services.


You should also keep in mind that some companies may charge fees for changing your phone number. This is usually seen with more automated systems like Google Voice. It is important to be aware of this while you are taking the steps necessary to change your number. While this may seem inconvenient, it is a common practice that helps companies avoid any fraudulent charges or missed messages.

Changing phone numbers is not as easy as most people assume. It can be a time-consuming process that requires you to contact several different companies and update information on all your online accounts.