Pros And Cons Of Communism – Everything You Need To Know

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Communism is the idea that everyone should share everything. Like, you know, if they have seven cookies, then everyone else gets four. With no money involved, it’s just an awesome idea where everyone works together for a common goal – communism! On the other hand, in Communism, The government owns all the businesses and properties (the means of production). There is no freedom of speech. Large or geographically-broad populations tend to be diverse, making it difficult to maintain a common goal or set of rules for shared effort and resources.

There’s this place called North Korea in Asia and there’s also Cuba in Central America! So awesome, right?! We mean, they’re not perfect because sometimes people die of starvation but at least there are no rich people!

Pros and Cons Of Communism – The Comparison Table

SerialPros Of CommunismCons Of Communism
1.Once you overthrow capitalism everyone has the same amount of stuff and it’s way easier to get more things since there aren’t any rich people anymore! But again once you overthrow capitalism you can have everything so that’s cool. The government owns everything! Like, when you buy something like groceries they take most of your money for taxes.
2.The government takes things from the rich and gives them to everyone else! In a fairway that’s kind of cool, I guess.Even though people are equal if one person wants to be better than everyone else he can do whatever he wants to them! He can be like the police and stuff so everyone is still not equal.
3.No poor people.There’s no democracy because everyone gets one vote, which sucks cuz I’m sure if we had more than one maybe people wouldn’t vote for Kim Jong Un for president every time.
4.You can get whatever you want from the government because they have all the money! Awesome sauce.All doctors are free but sometimes there isn’t any medicine or healthcare or whatever so that would suck too.
5.No rich people.North Korea actually has the highest rate of slavery in the world!!! So much for communism huh? Although it might just be an isolated case.
6.If you have a bunch of something everyone else gets some too.So easy to overthrow!! The government has all the money! Remember?
7.Everyone is equal.People get paid by how many hours they work so it’s kind of bad if you’re really smart and can’t be bothered to do anything for very long! Some people are literally making $2 an hour because they never work hard. Not cool dawg.
8.People get paid the same amount every month no matter what their job is so it sucks being a doctor or something but I suppose you can’t have everything in lifeThere’s no money so if you want something you have to just go out into the street and take it from someone else who worked harder than you, which is kind of mean unless that was your job I guess? Still not great to encourage stealing though.
9.All doctors are free.You actually can’t get anything from the government (that isn’t like food, water or clothes) because they don’t have any money anymore
10.Once you overthrow it you get to do whatever you want with everyone’s stuff.Every country has tried to overthrow capitalism and failed at least once so it’s not very effective.
11.Free college.People who do crappy jobs still get paid the same amount of money as people who actually give crap (which is why there aren’t that many doctors left in North Korea).
12.So many countries have tried it so it must be the best system ever.The government gets to do whatever it wants because there are no rich people! I mean if you don’t want your family executed then maybe try not having an affair with Kim Jong Un’s wife. Just a thought.
13.So easy to overthrow.Kids have to go to work
14.No private property but I mean once you overthrow the government you can have all their stuff so that’s pretty cool I guessCommunism is a far-left ideology whose end goal is a society where everything is split equally and no one has to work.
15.People don’t die of starvation anymore which is something at leastIn the 20 the century, during the Cold War between communist Russia and capitalistic America, many countries were divided into two camps: Communist or Capitalist. The United States saw the Soviet Union as evil due to their desire for an international brotherhood of workers as well as their political policies such as ‘propaganda’ and censorship.”    
16.The government takes care of all the bills because no one else has any money, this is totally sustainable though guys, there are no rich people anymore remember? Yay for equality.In theory, applying Karl Marx’s theories about Communism should allow people to live in harmony and free from oppression. However, this has been proven false within many communist states around the world where those who have risen further than others have not been stopped from exploiting those beneath them.
17.Everyone gets paid the same amount even if they have a job in like construction or teaching or science or food service or something like that, so that’s kind of cool at leastOne of the major arguments against Communism is the idea that it disincentives hard work and innovation for fear of having to share what you have done with others. This has resulted in many communist states running into economic problems when they cannot produce enough or care about their productivity levels.
18.All the doctors are free even if you go to the dentist or something which is totally awesome for everyone! And also if anyone gets hurt in an accident then all their medical bills will be covered by the government, how awesome would that be?Whether you believe that Capitalism is better than Communism or not, one thing is for sure: these countries would much rather live in a Capitalist country than under Communist rule any day.
19.No borders between countries (but not really)

Facts About Communism

First off, technically it would be super easy to overthrow the government since most of them live like kings when all the peasants are starving, so that’s a big plus.

Since there are no rich people, the government can just take whatever they want from them! If they want to be able to have food and stuff! That would be cool too, we guess. Sometimes there’s more income equality, sometimes not so much. But at least there aren’t any poor people because everyone is equal! Yay for communism!!!

The thing about America is that we sort of already tried communism after World War II but then we were like “Nah this isn’t really working” and then we went back to capitalism. But now with the internet and everything I think we can really do it this time guys! And if not, well at least people are still working together for a common goal so that’s cool.


As you can see, Marx’s ideas are unrealistic and misguided. Communism is hopelessly utopian and leads to poverty, suffering, and mass oppression of the people. The sooner it’s abolished everywhere in favour of more capitalistic countries like the United States of America or Japan the better off we all will be.


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