Top 20 Pros And Cons Of Getting Two Kittens – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on November 16, 2022 by Lily Connel

If you have two kittens, you can save time by training them to use the litter box. On the other hand, While a cat owner may only need to feed one cat, other things such as cleaning up after the cat and playing with it double in time.

When getting kittens, it’s important to make sure that they will get along. If they are from the same litter, they will likely be fine, but if they are not related, you’ll need to do some extra work to ensure that they get along. One way to help them bond is to have them spend time together in a room where they can’t escape. This way, they’ll be forced to interact with each other and become friends. Another thing to keep in mind when achieving kittens is that they will need plenty of space. Kittens need a lot of room to run around and play, so make sure that you have enough space for them before bringing them home.

Pros and Cons Of Getting Two Kittens – The Comparison Table

SerialPros Of Getting Two KittensCons Of Getting Two Kittens
1.Kittens will learn twice as fast if you have two kittens.Kittens have been hogging the bed and taking up.
2.If you have two cats, it will be easier to monitor their health.If you don’t do anything to protect your home, your kittens will destroy it.
3.Cats like to sleep in pairs, so having a pair of kittens means that neither feels lonely.Getting two kittens will be twice as challenging to bathe.
4.As your cat ages, you’ll fall even more in love with it.Kittens can be noisy.
5.If you have two cats, you will experience more head butts, purrs, and hugs.Kittens need to go to the vet and more money spent.
6.It can help reduce loneliness and separation anxiety.The fooding Cost is twice.
7.This double-dipping tactic gives your brand twice the cuteness factor and provides twice the amount of entertainment.If a kitten is alone for too long, it will get sad or destructive.

Pros Of Getting Two Kittens

Pros Of Getting Two Kittens

1. Better Company At Home

They can keep each other company when you’re not home. This can help reduce loneliness and separation anxiety, especially if one of your kittens is shy or a bit younger.

2. Double The Fun

They can play together, cuddle together and nap together. This gives you double the cuteness factor and provides twice the amount of entertainment.

3. More Playtime

Two kittens mean twice the amount of energy and climbing trees/scratching posts. This can keep you entertained for hours on end as they run around and play.

4. More Kitty Love

With two cats to love, you’re bound to get more hugs, head butts, and purrs in your life. They’ll also keep each other warm at night you’ll always have someone to snuggle with when you’re not home.

5. Double The Responsibility

Two kittens mean twice the amount of training, food, grooming, and vet bills. But if handled with care it can be so rewarding! Just stay on top of litter trays, training pads, and playtime to keep them active and healthy.

6. More Growth To Bond With

When they get older you’ll have double the love when it comes to ageing cats – they’ll age together at their own pace which will make saying goodbye even harder when one finally passes away.

7. Two Is Better Than One When It Comes To Sleep Time

Cats naturally like company when sleeping (or hiding), so having two kittens will mean that neither of them is lonely when taking a nap. This can lead to more peaceful and restful slumbers for both of them.

8. More Protection At Home

Having two kittens means that there is always someone around to keep an eye on things while you’re not home – whether it’s guarding the food bowl or keeping intruders out, they’ll be there to help.

9. They Can Keep Each Other Warm

If one of your kittens gets sick in the winter, the other can help keep them warm until you get back home. This is especially beneficial if one kitten is a bit younger and needs more body heat to stay healthy.

10. Easier To Potty Train

Since they’ll have a buddy to learn from, it will be easier for them to learn the ropes of potty training. They can also teach each other how to play nicely which is an added bonus.

11. Two Playful Paws Are Better Than One

Whether they’re playing tug-of-war or chasing one another, two kittens will have twice the fun when it comes to playtime. This will help them get enough exercise in their day to keep fit and healthy while having a blast!

12. More Litter Trays = More Laziness

If you really do not want your cats getting up from where they are sleeping then more litter trays equal more laziness for both of your cats – there is always somewhere that they can go without moving too far away from their spot!

13. They Can Keep Each Other Entertained

If one of your kittens gets bored, the other can help keep them amused by playing games or just cuddling. This will help prevent loneliness and separation anxiety from happening.

14. Easier To Monitor Health

Since you have two cats instead of one, it will be easier to monitor their health as they’ll both be going to the vet for check-ups. This way you can catch any health problems early on and treat them accordingly.

15. They’ll Help Each Other With Socialization

When it comes to socializing with humans and other animals, having two kittens will help each other out immensely. One can teach the other how to be brave and outgoing while also providing moral support.

16. Double The Learning Opportunities

Kittens learn by observing and copying their elders, so with two kittens, you’ll have double the opportunities for learning. This can include things such as using the litter tray, playing properly, and being calm around other animals.

17. You Get to Play Kitten Parent

With two kittens to look after, you essentially become a kitten parent – and who doesn’t love caring for kitties? It’s a great way to learn more about cats and their needs while also providing them with lots of love and attention.

18. They Can Keep Each Other Warm At Night

If one of your kittens gets cold at night, the other can help keep them warm by cuddling up next to them. This will keep them both happy and warm until they fall asleep.

19. They’ll Have Twice The Strength To Chase Away Cats From Outside

If you have a cat outside who’s been coming into your yard, having two kittens instead of one can help scare them off more effectively – this is due to cats being territorial. Having two kittens will help stop stray cats from entering your home as well!

20. You Can Really Show Your Love With Doubling The Presents!

When it comes to celebrating holidays or special occasions with your favourite feline friends, you can really show how much you love them by getting double the presents for double the fun! This way both kittens can enjoy a new toy at their own pace without fighting over it.

Cons Of Getting Two Kittens

1. Hard To Bath Them

It will be twice as hard to bathe them.

2. They Will Destroy Your Home

If you’re not careful, your kittens will inevitably destroy your home.

3. More Hairballs

Since they’ll be grooming each other constantly, you can expect more hairballs than if you only had one kitten.

4. They’ll Hog The Bed

Kittens are notorious for hogging the bed and taking up all the space. You’ll likely have to get them their own beds to avoid conflict.

5. More Vet Trips

Both kittens will need to go to the vet for check-ups, which means more trips and more money spent.

6. They Can Get Lonesome

If one of your kittens gets lonesome they may become depressed or destructive.

7. More Work

If you want to keep both kittens happy and healthy, this will mean more work for you. You’ll need 2 litter trays, food bowls, toys, and more bedding.

8. Costly Food Bills

Two mouths mean twice the amount of cat food your kitten will eat!

9. It’s Harder To Bond With Just One Kitten

It can be hard to bond with just one kitten when you have two running around together all day – even if they’re separate genders.

10. Annoying Scratching Sounds On The Furniture And Floorboards

They will scratch and tear up everything in sight so get ready to replace things often!

11. Two Cats Twice As Much Mess Around The House

Cats are known to be messy creatures and with two kittens you can expect twice the amount of mess.

12. They Can Cause A Power Outage

If you have an unlucky break, your kittens may knock over a lamp or something else that will cause a power outage.

13. They’re Noisy

Kittens are often very vocal, which can be annoying if you’re trying to sleep or work.

14. They Can Be Aggressive Towards Each Other

Kittens can sometimes be quite aggressive towards each other, especially when they’re vying for your attention.

15. They’ll Help Each Other With Socialization

When it comes to socializing with humans and other animals, having two kittens will help each other out immensely.

16. They Can Fight Over Food

If you only have enough food for one kitten, they can fight over it – leading to injury or stress!

17. You’ll Have Twice The Trouble House Training Them

House training two kittens at once can be a very difficult task. It may make your life a living hell as you try to house-train them both together.

18. Twice The Amount Of Scratching And Scraping Around The House

Your kittens will scratch and scrape anything in sight – including furniture!

19. More Expensive Vet Bills

Both kittens will need shots and check-ups, which means more money is spent on vet bills!

20. They’re Not As Cute As One Kitten

Alone With two kittens, you won’t get the same ‘aw’ factor as when you see one kitten alone.


While having two kittens does have its downfalls, it’s definitely an enjoyable experience for any cat lover. So if you’re up for the challenge, go ahead and adopt two kittens! They’ll keep you entertained for years to come.