Pros And Cons Of Letting In Syrian Refugees – Everything You Need To Know

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Syrian Refugees enrich their new host countries. When they are integrated into their communities, they help create a better understanding of social diversity and cultural diversity. These migrants are productive members of their new country, adding to local economies and culture. On the other hand, Another problem with accepting refugees is that many people are fleeing to Europe because of the ISIL/ISIS group. Former American president Obama and Pope Francis warned countries to be careful about who they bring in because if a terrorist did make his way to the EU he would likely try to blend in among legitimate refugees. One way to do this would be to pretend to be a refugee and infiltrate Europe.

The civil war between the Syrian government and opposition forces has been going on since 2011 after Bashar al-Assad’s regime used chemical weapons against its own people. Around 400,000 Syrians have lost their lives in this time period.

Pros and Cons Of Letting In Syrian Refugees – The Differences

SerialPros Of Letting In Syrian RefugeesCons Of Letting In Syrian Refugees
1.Many of the Syrian refugees would be a positive addition to our economy.The refugee crisis is only occurring because the UN keeps signing peace agreements that hand the oil-rich territory over to militant groups.
2.Children born in Syria are more likely to be educated.A refugee crisis is something that’s strange and foreign.
3.Syrian refugees would change America’s religious diversity.The promised number of refugees was not delivered.
4.Refugees from Syria would add diversity to Higher Education.Refugees bring diseases with them to their new home country.
5.Syrian refugees have no interest in joining terrorist organizations.The Syrian refugee is a political crisis.
6.Relations With Middle Eastern Countries can help Syrian Refugees.
7.Refugees from Syria are unlikely to commit crimes.

Pros Of Letting In Syrian Refugees

1. Many Of The Syrian Refugees Would Contribute To The Economy

Most Syrians, who are 18 years and older, have a high school degree. This is the same as the average American before they enrol in college.  These people are very likely to go back to work quickly after being settled in America. Many are already working in refugee camps.  They can help our economy get back on its feet after the recent recession.

2. Syrian Children Are More Likely To Be Educated

According to The Center for Public Integrity, many Syrian children attended school before they were displaced by the war. Many of them would like to attend high school or college in America.  This gives them the opportunity to receive a skilled education in America.

3. Syrian Refugees Are People Too

The Syrian refugee crisis is often thought of as “other” or “strange”. People see them as much different from us, which causes fear. They are people, just like you and me. They have hopes and dreams, just like you and me.  They are still humans whether you believe they should be let into America or not.

4. Syrian Refugees Would Make America Even Greater Than It Already Is

America is a great nation. We have many good qualities but we also have some bad ones, such as racism and xenophobia. Syrian refugees can make America more tolerant, and accepting of other cultures, and overall better than it already is. These new immigrants would come with their culture and customs, making America grow even more diverse.   Syrian refugees would make our country even greater than it already is!

5. Syrian Refugees Don’t Want To Go To Terrorist Organizations

Public Radio International reports that Syrian refugees try to avoid extremist groups like al-Nusra Front and Daesh (ISIS) because it puts them in danger of being targeted or taken hostage. This means the refugees would likely oppose these organizations once they are in America.

6. Syrian Refugees Can Help Improve Our Relations With Middle Eastern Countries

The United States has a history of bad relations with some Middle Eastern countries. The more people we have from Syria, the stronger our ties will be. We can start this process with Syrian refugees.  We can build relationships with them and when they go back to Syria, they will share the positive views Americans have of us.

7. Syrian Refugees Would Add Diversity In Institutions Of Higher Education

There are over 100 universities that participate in the refugee student program. Some schools don’t even know how many refugees they have because it is so easy for them to assimilate.  The director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Bob Carey, said that “a lot of people are coming in who are very successful” (Wong).  Syrian refugees would provide diversity on college campuses and improve the undergraduate experience at these schools.

8. Syrian Refugees Can Make America A More Tolerant Place

There were 32 hate groups in the United States in 2014.  Hate crimes increased that same year. We need to do something to stop this trend.  The best way we can do this is by letting in Syrian refugees and showing them love and compassion, just like we would for anyone else.  This would make America a more tolerant place!

9. Syrian Refugees Are Unlikely To Commit Crimes

The FBI says that of the 1.1 million refugees who came to the United States in 2002, there were just 3 suspects arrested for terrorism out of that entire population. This is an incredibly low number when you think about all of the possible terrorists there could be in America, especially after September 11th.

Researcher Peter Schuck says that an immigrant is actually less likely to commit a crime than someone born in America (Wong).  Syrian refugees will also generally follow this trend.

10. Syrian Refugees Can Help Boost Our Economy

The Middle Eastern labour force in the United States is 4.1 million people and it is one of the fastest-growing parts of our economy according to research by Nielsen. This means we need more immigrants from the Middle East, especially Syrian refugees who were educated and could contribute greatly to our economy.

Pros Of Letting In Syrian Refugees

Cons Of Letting In Syrian Refugees

1. Crisis of The Refugee

The refugee crisis is only occurring because the UN keeps signing peace agreements that hand the oil-rich territory over to militant groups such as ISIS, all with western help/armament/training.

2. International Powers

Syrian Refugees are being used as political footballs by international powers, they have no real help or say in the crisis that is occurring. The issue of letting in Syrian refugees has been a major topic of debate in many western countries.

3. Carry Diseases

Syrian refugees are bringing diseases with them across borders, thus harming their new host country residents even though they have left their country of origin.

4. Syrian Refugees Would Increases Our Religious Diversity

The United States is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world. The more religions we have, the stronger our nation becomes. We learn from each other and exchange ideas, which improves our country. Syrian refugees would add to this diversity in America.

All You Need To Know About Syrian Refugees

Since 2011, many have called for something to be done about the refugee problem in Syria. Many are fleeing the country which is on the brink of collapse and heading towards Europe, where they hope to find safety from Assad’s brutality. Of course, not everyone will find this safe haven.

When refugees started flooding into Europe, many were met with a cold shoulder from European countries. In 2015, Hungary built fences to keep refugees from crossing its borders and Denmark is taking out ads in middle eastern newspapers warning would-be migrants not to come. To make things worse, most of the 28 member states of the European Union have been putting up various restrictions on accepting new refugees.

Assad gassed his own people, the whole world came together to condemn him for it. As a result of this, in September 2013 the United Nations demanded that Assad removes his chemical weapons or face consequences. When he didn’t meet these demands in a certain amount of time, the US and its allies declared war on Syria. This was when Russia stepped in to stop further escalation when it took control of preventing military action from being taken against the Assad regime.

But on the other hand, there are plenty of people who want to help refugees. Countries like Sweden and Germany have been accepting many asylum seekers into their countries with open arms. Countries like Turkey and Lebanon have accepted far more than their fair share of refugees as well.


The article does not go into who is behind the Syrian crisis, it simply tries to present a side case against letting refugees into your country. In reality, there are many other factors that come into play when making such a decision. It is clear from the pattern of events in Syria that Western nations have been supporting various rebel groups and encouraging civil war via funding and weapons supply, this has caused thousands of refugees to flee the country.