Pros And Cons Of Living In Mountain House CA – Details Explained

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Living in Mountain House, CA means you have a lot of cool hikes to enjoy. Mountain House is a small town located in the mountains of California. The town is surrounded by two beautiful mountains, Mount Whitney and Mount Langley. The town itself is very secluded from the rest of the world. It has four main streets which are all one-way with no signs directing people to any other street or route. There are also many trails that you can follow to get around the town. However, some cons come with living there. One of them is the relatively high cost of living. The cost of living index for Mountain House is about 112, which means that goods and services are about 12% more expensive than the national average.

Living in Mountain House is like living in a rural area, but you live in your own house. There are many parks and families with kids living there. The schools are good. People tend to lean liberal and it’s a rural community.

Pros and Cons Of Living In Mountain House In CA – The Table

SerialPros Of Living In Mountain House In CACons Of Living In Mountain House In CA
1.The small town is close to the city of Fresno.The Weather is Extreme.
2.Mountain House is home to some great schools and teachers with knowledge.There are no shops like grocery stores, hardware stores and restaurants nearby.
3.The town has a lot of different natural resources.Mountain House school is few.
4.The Mountain House town is also very active with community organizations.There are not enough playing grounds for Children.
5.Many people in Mountain House have their hobbies and interests.The town has no doctors, dentists, banks, or post office services.
6.Mountain House is a great place to go into the mountains and escape from your normal life.The city is small and there are few stores.

Pros Of Living In Mountain House In CA:

1) Different Trails To Hike

Mountain House has many different trails to hike on if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Two main trails go through Mountain House which is used by hikers and mountain bikers. These trails are called Eagle Pass Trail and Mt Whitney Trail. Eagle Pass Trail is about 5 miles long and takes you through a forest area where you will be surrounded by trees and foliage and it will be very easy to get lost if you do not know the area. The Mt Whitney Trail is about 10 miles long and is a more difficult trail because there are many obstacles that you have to watch out for along the way. One of these obstacles is called the Devil’s Postpile. The Devil’s Postpile is an area where lava from the mountain has cooled and formed into rock formations and this makes it look like a pile of wood but with a face on it. There are also many other trails in Mountain House that you can use or hike on including the Upper Willow Falls Trail, Lower Willow Falls Trail, Mt Langley Trail, and others.

2) Own Hobbies And Interests

Many people in Mountain House have hobbies and interests that they enjoy doing. Some of these hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, running, photography, rock climbing, and many others. The town is also home to many different types of wildlife including black bears, mountain lions, and many other animals.

3) Active Community

The town also has a very active community in which many different organizations help the town such as a women’s organization called the Mountain House Women’s Club. Mountain House is also home to many different businesses such as the following: a restaurant called Al’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, an auto repair shop called K & K Auto Repair, a grocery store called Safeway, and a hardware store called One-Stop Hardware Store.

4) Many Natural Resources

The town has many different natural resources such as mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests. There are also many different types of animals living in the area such as black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and many others. The town is also home to many different types of plants and trees including pines, maple trees, oak trees, and many others.

5) Great Schools

Mountain House is home to some great schools with great teachers that have a lot of knowledge about the area. Some of these schools include Mountain House Elementary School (elementary), Mountain House High School (high), and the local community college called Mt Whitney Community College.

6) Close To A City

The town is only a short drive from the city of Fresno. Fresno is home to many different types of stores and restaurants as well as many other things that you may need in your daily life.

Cons Of Living In Mountain House

Cons Of Living In Mountain House:

1) Not Very Many Stores

The town is not very big and there are not very many shops and stores in the area. There are many stores in Fresno but there are no stores in Mountain House itself.

2) Not Very Many Services

The town does not have many services such as a doctor’s office, a dentist’s office, a bank, or a post office.

3) Not Very Safe For Children

There are not many things to do for children in Mountain House such as parks, playgrounds, and other places where children can play. There is one small park near the town that has only a small picnic table and bench for children to use but it is not enough for them to play at all times.

4) Not Very Many Schools

There are not many schools in the area such as elementary, middle school, high school, or even other schools. There is only one school in the area and it is called Mountain House Elementary School.

5) Not Very Many Grocery, Hardware Stores or a Restaurant

There are not many stores in the area such as grocery stores, hardware stores, or a restaurant. There is only one grocery store in the area called Safeway. There is also only one hardware store in the area called One-Stop Hardware Store.

Everything You Need To Know About Living In Mountain House

Living In Mountain House

Mountain House was founded in 1887 by Joseph B. West and his wife, Mary Ann. The town was named for the mountain range it is located in, the San Joaquin Mountains. There were many mines in the area that supplied people with their daily needs. The town itself started as a mining town and then transitioned into a tourist destination by the 1920s. Mountain House is home to many different types of businesses including an art gallery, coffee shop, grocery store, and clothing store.

The town has two main streets which are one-way roads that go from east to west (Eagle and Main). On Main Street, there is also a post office, pharmacy, and bank. The bank on Main Street is no longer open because the bank was robbed in the ’80s. A few people were killed in the robbery and many more were injured. There is also a clothing store on Main Street called Mountain House Outfitters. The clothing store has many different types of clothing including hiking gear, camping gear, and other outdoor equipment.


There are many pros and cons of living in Mountain House. The town is not very big and has not had many services or stores. There are also not very many schools in the area such as elementary, high school, or other schools. There are also not very many stores in the area such as grocery stores, hardware stores, or a restaurant.