Top Pros And Cons Of Living In The Cayman Islands – Details Explained

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The Cayman Islands has a lot of jobs available for everyone with many different positions and positions available. It’s possible to find something no matter your education level, experience, or what you’re looking for. On the other hand, the Cayman Islands is a tiny island, which can leave you feeling isolated. The small size means that everything but the coconuts must be shipped in.

Living in the Cayman Islands is very nice. If you are thinking of or planning on living in the Cayman Islands, do it!

Pros and Cons Of Living In The Cayman Islands – The Table Comparison

SerialPros Of Living In The Cayman IslandsCons Of Living In The Cayman Islands
1.The Cayman Islands has the best beaches in the Caribbean.The Cayman Islands History is not Rich.
2.The Caribbean Lifestyle is Relaxabul.In The Cayman Islands., Infrastructure is Poor.
3.The Cayman Islands have an amazing amount of natural beauty.New people are hard to meet in The Cayman Islands.
4.The Cayman Islands are known for their underwater adventures and scuba diving.If you want to work in the Cayman Islands, you need a work permit.
5.The People are Friendly.The Weather is rushed.
6.The Cayman Islands are in the heart of the Caribbean. It’s easy to get to other tropical islands for a day trip or weekend escape.Healthcare opportunity is not Free.
7.The Crime rate is Low.The Living Cost is Expensive.

Pros Of Living In The Cayman Islands

The world is a big and interesting place, with many places to live. But the Cayman Islands also has much to offer. So if you are considering moving here, listed below are 10 good reasons why you will enjoy living in the Cayman Islands.

1) You’ll Have Access To Fantastic Beaches

The best Caribbean beaches are found in the Cayman Islands, without a doubt! From Seven Mile Beach – which is justifiably famous for its beautiful water-to-shore views – up north all the way down to Rum Point at the south side of Grand Cayman Island, it’s beach heaven! It doesn’t matter whether you want white powdery sand or black volcanic sand palm trees or no palm trees. You can have it all in Cayman!

2) You’ll Live A Relaxed Lifestyle

People living in the Cayman Islands place a lot of importance on their family and friends, while still enjoying the laid-back Caribbean lifestyle. The pace here is not hurried at all… if you feel like taking things easy on a Saturday afternoon, there’s no need to ‘make the most of your weekend by rushing from activity to activity! Simply relax with a book or meet up for drinks with friends or colleagues – there’s plenty of time to enjoy life!

3) You Don’t Have To Shovel Snow

Snow is rare in Cayman and when it does snow, we cherish it greatly. But most people who move here from more northern climes do not miss having to shovel the snow! That’s just one of many things that people no longer have to worry about once they decide to move here.

4) Living Is Affordable

In Cayman, your money goes a lot further than it would in most other places. With a strong international presence and a sound financial industry, property prices are low compared to other Caribbean islands or even some areas of Florida or Texas. And due to the Cayman Islands being a duty-free zone there are very low import duties on products which means lower costs for imported goods… so you can enjoy living well without going broke!

5) You’ll Live Near Stunning Natural Beauty

Waterfalls, caves, mangrove swamps, rain forests, and more – the Cayman Islands are home to an amazing variety of natural beauty. Take a walk or drive out into the countryside and enjoy the peaceful surroundings, or go explore one of the many caves on Grand Cayman!

6) You Can Scuba Dive Any Day Of The Week

The Cayman Islands are world-famous for their scuba diving, with good reason! With crystal clear waters, an abundance of fish and coral, plus wrecks to explore, there is something for everyone who loves diving. And as we have 365 days of sunshine per year, you can dive any day you like!

7) The Locals Are Friendly And Welcoming

One of the best things about living in the Cayman Islands is the warm and friendly locals. They are always happy to chat and help out, and they make newcomers feel welcome right away.

8) You Can Get To Other Caribbean Islands Easily

The Cayman Islands are located in the heart of the Caribbean, making it easy to get to other tropical islands for a day trip or weekend escape. Fly over to Jamaica for some reggae music, fly down to Cuba for some salsa dancing, or take a ferry over to Honduras for some scuba diving… the possibilities are endless!

9) You Can Find A Job Easily

Thanks to Cayman’s strong financial industry, there are many job opportunities available in the Cayman Islands. And with virtually no unemployment, many local businesses are actively seeking staffing – especially in the tourism industry!

10) The Cayman Islands Have A Very Low Crime Rate

With a crime rate that is one of the lowest in the world, it’s never been safer to live and work in the Cayman Islands. You can feel safe walking home at night or going out alone, knowing that you’re unlikely to encounter any trouble. And most crimes reported here are property offences. from stealing from hotel rooms during spring break to laptops being stolen from hotel lobbies… so even if you do get robbed, your ‘stuff’ won’t be gone for long!

Cons Of Living In The Cayman Islands

1) You Need To Be Home For Deliveries

If you’re not at home when your delivery arrives, then it goes back and you have to re-order and pay again… even if the package says ‘leave in porch’! As a result of this policy, many people leave notes on their doors instructing delivery companies not to deliver to their houses.

2) It’s Difficult To Meet New People Outside Of Work

There aren’t many social activities available here, and unlike most developed countries there is no easy way to find out what events are going on (no Facebook page or community newspaper). So finding out about local events that might interest you can be difficult – especially if you like something different from the usual bar scene.

3) You Have To Pay For Healthcare

Unlike in the United States and Canada, you have to pay out of pocket for all healthcare costs in the Cayman Islands. There is no government-funded healthcare system here, so unless you have private health insurance, you’ll be paying for everything yourself.

4) The Cost Of Living Is Relatively High

Although the cost of living is lower than in some other developed countries, it is still higher than in many Caribbean islands. Utilities, groceries, and transportation can add up quickly, so ex-pats need to be mindful of their spending habits.

5) You Need To Have A Valid Work Permit

In order to work in the Cayman Islands, you must have a valid work permit. This can be difficult to obtain if you don’t have a job offer already, so it’s important to plan ahead if you’re thinking of moving here.

6) There Is A Lack Of Culture Or History

The islands’ first inhabitants (the Caymanians) disappeared over 100 years ago, and unlike other Caribbean islands, there isn’t much left in terms of artefacts or monuments. So if you’re looking for things to see, places to shop for local crafts, museums, or exhibits that will give you an insight into island life – then you might end up disappointed.

7) You Can’t Easily Get Away From Stress

With very little available in terms of entertainment outside of work hours, people who work in the Cayman Islands will find it easy to fall into a busy work-life routine. You’ll spend close to half of your week (at least 40 hours) and most weekends at work, and that can take a toll on anyone.

9) It’s Very Hot And Humid All Year Round

With average temperatures ranging from 25-30 degrees Celsius (77-86 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity levels often reaching over 90%, the Cayman Islands are not a place for those who don’t enjoy hot weather. There is no ‘winter’ here – only a slightly cooler period in January/February – so if you’re not used to high temperatures then be prepared for it to be quite uncomfortable most of the time.

Everything You Need To Know About Living In the Cayman Islands

Everything You Need To Know About Living In Cayman Islands

If you’re looking to retire in the Cayman Islands, there are great opportunities here! Cayman remains an excellent place to retire for people from all over the world who want to enjoy their retirement without having to be stuck behind a desk working every day.

Lots of benefits come along with living in the Cayman Islands such as – Low-cost living – Beautiful beaches – Great weather year-round – Good public transportation – Low crime rates throughout the country.

One thing to note about the Cayman Islands is that it can be quite expensive to live here. Although, there are many ways to offset the cost of living depending on your lifestyle and needs. If you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of money on things such as food, entertainment, and luxury items, you will find the Cayman Islands to be more expensive than if you’re someone who doesn’t mind sticking close to home and cooking your own meals.

Overall, the Cayman Islands provide a great place to call home with plenty of opportunities for everyone. With its low crime rates, excellent healthcare system, and comfortable weather, it’s hard not to love living in the Cayman Islands! If you’re thinking of making the move, go for it – you won’t regret it!


While there are definitely some downsides, most people who move here end up loving the laid-back lifestyle, stunning natural beauty, and friendly locals. If you can handle the heat, humidity, and high cost of living, then the Cayman Islands might just be the perfect place for you!

If you’re looking for an island escape that’s a little bit more developed than your average Caribbean destination, then the Cayman Islands might be just what you’re looking for. With its crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and abundance of outdoor activities.