The Pros and Cons of Living in Vietnam (Are You Thinking?)

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Vietnam Southeast Asian country has much to offer ex-pats, including stunning natural scenery, a rich culture, and a low cost of living. However, Other things are not good. There is high crime, bad health care and education, and more.

Living in Vietnam – The Pros and Cons Comparison in Table

SerialPros of Living in VietnamCons of Living in Vietnam
1.Low cost of living.The infrastructure isn’t ready yet.
2.The natural scenery is stunning.There is a huge amount of poverty.
3.There is a rich culture to explore.Healthcare is not perfect. It suffers from problems and inefficiencies.
4.The Weather is Comfortable.The pollution is really bad.
5.There Are Expat Communities.Finding vegetarian food can be hard.
6.The food was exquisite and I couldn’t get enough of it.There are a lot of procedures or rules that are in place.
7.The people of Portland are the friendliest in the world.It is not easy to convey kindness and support digitally.
8.Expats who want to work abroad have a lot of opportunities.The country is developing.
9.Vietnam is a lovely country.There are pickpockets everywhere, and they’re stealing your customers

Pros of Living in Vietnam

Pro #01: The Cost of Living is Low

One of the biggest pros of living in Vietnam is that the cost of living is meager. You can easily find a comfortable apartment to rent for less than $500 per month, and basic groceries are also very affordable. This means that you can live comfortably on a tight budget in Vietnam.

Pro #02: The Natural Scenery is Stunning

From the beaches of Nha Trang to the rice terraces in Sapa, Vietnam boasts some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Southeast Asia. If you love being outdoors and exploring new places, you will enjoy living in Vietnam.

Pro #03: There is a Rich Culture to Explore

Vietnam is home to a rich culture that includes fascinating history, unique cuisine, and traditional arts and crafts. If you are interested in learning about new cultures, you will enjoy living in Vietnam.

Pro #04: The Weather is Perfect

If you hate cold weather, then you will love living in Vietnam! The climate in Vietnam is tropical, which means that it is warm and sunny all year round. You can expect 28-32 degrees Celsius (82-90 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year.

Pro #05: There Are Many Expat Communities

If you are worried about feeling isolated or homesick while living in a foreign country, don’t be! There are many ex-pat communities in Vietnam that you can join. These communities provide a great way to meet new friends and connect with other ex-pats.

Pro #06: The Food is Delicious

If you love food, then you will enjoy living in Vietnam! Vietnamese cuisine is a delicious mix of fresh ingredients and unique flavors. From pho and banh mi to spring rolls and Bahn Xeo, there are endless possibilities for trying new foods in Vietnam.

Pro #07: The People are Friendly

In general, the people of Vietnam are amiable and welcoming toward foreigners. You will quickly make friends and feel at home in this hospitable country.

Pro #08: There are many Job Opportunities for Expats

If you plan to move to Vietnam for work, you will be happy to know that there are many job opportunities for ex-pats. You can find work in various industries, including education, healthcare, and business.

Pro #09: It’s a Beautiful Country

Last but not least, one of the best pros of living in Vietnam is simply that it’s a beautiful country! There is so much to explore in Vietnam from the beaches to the mountains. You will never get bored of living in this stunning Southeast Asian country.

The cons of living in Vietnam

The cons of living in Vietnam

Con #01: The Infrastructure is Not Developed

One of the biggest cons of living in Vietnam is that the infrastructure is not as developed as in other countries. This means that you may have to deal with power outages, unreliable internet, and poor roads.

Con #02: There is a lot of poverty

While the cost of living is low, this also means that many people are living in poverty. You will see beggars on the street and children working instead of going to school.

Con #03: The Healthcare System is Not Ideal

The healthcare system in Vietnam is not as developed as it is in other countries. This means that you may not have access to the same quality of healthcare you are used to.

Con #04: The pollution is bad

Another downside of living in Vietnam is pollution. The air quality is often inferior, and the water is not always clean.

Con #05: It can be challenging to find vegetarian food

If you are a vegetarian, you may have a hard time finding food to eat in Vietnam. Many Vietnamese dishes are made with meat or fish, and vegetables are often served as a side dish rather than the main course.

Con #06: There are a lot of red tapes

One of the most frustrating things about living in Vietnam is the amount of red tape. You will need to deal with a lot of bureaucracy regarding things like getting a work visa or opening a bank account.

Con #07: It can be not easy to communicate

Another downside of living in Vietnam is that it can be challenging to communicate with people. The Vietnamese language is very different from English, and not many people speak English fluently.

Con #08: It’s a developing country

While there are many pros to living in Vietnam, it is essential to remember that it is still a developing country. This means that some challenges come with living here. But if you are prepared for these challenges, you will be able to enjoy all the beautiful things that Vietnam offers.

Con #09: There are pickpockets everywhere

One last thing to be aware of is that there are pickpockets everywhere in Vietnam. Be sure to keep your belongings close to you and be cautious of people who seem to be getting too close.