Pros And Cons Of Nintendo Switch – All You Need To Know

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The Nintendo Switch is highly flexible. The main selling point of the Switch is its ability to transform from a home console to a portable gaming system in seconds. On the other hand, the switch’s internal memory is just as small as the console itself. If you plan on buying physical copies of games, then you’ll find that the internal memory is not sufficient.

After more than 10 years of development, the Nintendo Switch is finally here.  The Switch has been long-awaited by many gamers around the world who are eager for a console that can be played at home, on the train, or in bed. The Switch can do all three of those things and even more with its unique design — the main console consists of two parts.  The main display is called the “dock,” which can be used to play on your TV at home, and it has a removable controller that slots into the back. The screen on the controller is 6 inches diagonally or about half of an iPad mini’s screen size.   To use this feature, you need to put your switch into “table-top mode.”

Cons Of Nintendo Switch

Pros and Cons Of Nintendo Switch – The Differences

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1.The console has a unique “switch” design that makes it portable and can be played in different ways. Overall, Nintendo Switch is a very fun console with unique features that you can’t experience on most consoles.  It has good games but not enough to last long without having to resort to gaming on other platforms like Xbox or PlayStation.  
2.The controller/console is sturdy and robust.  There are many accessories for this console with huge price differences so it can be overwhelming if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on Nintendo Switch.  There are many limitations with this console and while some people may not mind, others might get frustrated and it can be hard to afford all the accessories you want when you buy this console.  
3.You can bring the screen anywhere you go with its portability feature.Most DLC (downloadable content) for games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare cannot work on the switch due to restrictions imposed by Activision. This is one of the setbacks that Nintendo Switch has when it comes to online gaming and playing with friends without making many sacrifices.
4.There are many accessories to play and use for this console, including the joy-cons and items like a carry case and screen protector.  The console does not support Bluetooth wireless headphones, which limits the ability to use their advanced haptic feedback feature without using the controller. Some customers complained about their switch not charging or turning on, which was resolved by Nintendo’s warranty but this shows that the one area of the console that needs to be perfected is its battery life. It has a short and limited lifespan and takes a long time to charge.
5.The console has an advanced haptic feedback feature that makes you feel immersed in the game.The joy-con strap attachment is flimsy and can easily break if you look at it wrong.  It is poorly designed and there are no replacements available at this time.
6.You can play multiplayer online with your friends even if they have different consoles.The joy-cons appear to be cheaply made and have a few problems such as not being able to detect presses if the controller is slightly moved.
7.There are 2 joy-cons included in 1 Nintendo switch package which means it does not cost much to get additional controllers.Some of the accessories for this console are overpriced considering what they are. For example, the screen protector only covers 1/3 of the screen which defeats its purpose.
8.There is no storage space to carry your games so you have to get a separate case.
9.Nintendo Switch is only compatible with official Nintendo switch accessories, so this limits what you can do with the console.
10.You can’t play most Nintendo Switch games on your TV without buying the dock.
11.It costs $299 if you don’t already own a switch and need to buy the main console and joy-cons separately. 
12.The console only has a few games with its launch.  

All You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch

All You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch

You can use the controller with both modes, but this feature is meant for short periods of time.   You are better off using a traditional controller if you are playing for long periods of time. The two included joy-con controllers are small but sturdy and robust.

The controller, which contains batteries and a headphone jack, has an advanced rumble feature. The haptic feedback of the joy-con is a great feature that makes you feel like you are immersed in your game.

One downside to this console is that it does not have many games at its launch.   Nintendo’s first-party games such as Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are well-made games.

However, they are not big sellers, unlike franchises like Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty, PUBG, FIFA, etc.  

Therefore, while Nintendo Switch has a great concept that can help it succeed in this competitive market, it is lacking in content due to Nintendo’s shortcomings.

Overall, the Switch is a great product for anyone who wants something different but also has plenty of limitations if you are looking for an extensive gaming experience.  If you are not a hardcore gamer or enthusiast, this console is still worth buying for its portability and unique design.

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The Nintendo Switch is a great product for anyone who wants something different but also has plenty of limitations if you are looking for an extensive gaming experience.  If you are not a hardcore gamer or enthusiast, this console is still worth it.