Pros And Cons Of Smiley Piercing – Ready To Smile?

Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by Lily Connel

Smiley piercings can be aesthetically pleasing for individuals who enjoy smile piercings or smiley face tattoos. These are popular alternative piercings in many urban areas, such as New York City. On the other side, Smiley piercing risks include infection and damage to teeth.

The smiley piercing is a type of smile piercing. There are many different types of smile piercings; however, it’s specifically referred to as piercings above or below the mouth which result in an upside-down smiley face appearance. Common smiley piercings include the labret smiley (above the lip) and anti-smiley (below lip). These are common among individuals who participate in the alternative lifestyle. It can be done using a needle, a surface barbell, or a labret stud. It typically does not cause significant pain to receive and can be easily concealed if necessary. Smiley piercings have been performed with surface bars rather than needles because the smile connection has been popularized by smiley face tattoos. If a smiley piercing is performed with a needle, it can be easily changed to a surface bar later if desired.

Pros and Cons Of Smile Piercing – The Table Comparision

SerialPros Of Smile PiercingCons Of Smile Piercing
1.Smiley Piercings pros are excellent for those who want to make a good impression on others. A smiley piercing can be easily infected if not taken care of properly. Some people also say they aren’t worth the effort to maintain, but it really is up to you and your personal preference!
2.If you’re looking for a more 3D facial piercing, then this piercing would be the one for you. The pros of smiley piercings are very pronounced due to the fact that it is done at the lower lip, meaning all the pros inherent in upper lip piercing pros (see pros of upper lip piercings) are present in these types of piercings.It doesn’t take much effort to injure a smiley piercing and cause the hole to close up.
3.Many people don’t like having facial pros that their coworkers will notice, if you work in an office this piercing pros is the one for you. Smiley piercings can easily get infected and they’re quite hard to clean, especially if you’re too lazy! They might not be worth the effort for some people.
4.They make kissing easier.Smiley piercings can’t be seen if you’re wearing a school uniform or a work outfit with a neckline that is too high, and they tend to get in the way when you’re going for a job interview.
5.Smiley piercings are common among children, but also adults can pull off these pros with ease.You have to be careful not to hit them on anything because then the hole is likely to close up.
6.Smiley pros are very easy to hide even in personal conversations, making them a pros choice for professional settings.The cons of smiley piercings are that they are easily infected, especially because you can’t keep them clean very well. They also catch on to things more frequently than regular earrings do.
7.Smiley piercings are easy to bump or absently touch, which could cause the hole in your piercing to shut up.
8.They are difficult to clean.
9.Some people say the cons of smiley piercings are that they can get infected very easily, especially if you don’t take proper care of them or keep them clean. Also, it doesn’t take much effort for a smiley piercing to close up when bumped into.
10.Smiley piercings are easily infected, especially because it’s difficult to clean them and very easy for the hole to close up if bumped into something or touched too frequently.
Cons Of Smile Piercing

All You Need to Know About Smiley Piercing?

The smiley piercing is a type of body modification in which small gauge needles are used to pierce through the upper lip and reach an area just below where your inner mouth meets with gum tissue. The typical placement for this jewellery design would be on someone’s tongue but can also go anywhere from around 1/10th inch up towards 8mm depending upon preference, taste & location available at the time of purchase or during piercer consultation.

The procedure goes by many different names including “frenulum,”(the term I will be using throughout), and various dialects across Europe.

A smiley piercing goes through your frenulum, the small piece of skin connecting your upper lip to the gum. This unassuming yet fascinating modification can be made with body jewellery and doesn’t require any major surgery!

A lip piercing through the frenulum of either the upper or lower lips is called a “frenulator.” It can be done in different styles, shapes, and sizes depending on what look you’re going for with your design. A smiley would have an X-shape while a frowny tends to lay more flat across their mouth area like wrinkles rising up from underneath the skin. This particular style happens only when smiling which may make some people think that they are impossible tattoos instead!

How Much Will It Cost?

Smiley piercings typically cost around $30 -$90. It’s important that your piercing is set upright, so it’s always best to make sure you’re consulting with a professional who uses clean tools when working on someone else’s mouth!

A smiley-shaped earring (also called an “oral piercing”) can be done in many locations; however, one place where they are most commonly seen would include under the tongue or near both sides of cheeks very close together like almost touching each other and below cheekbones at about eye height but not quite there yet.

You can find a range of prices for smiley piercings, starting at about $30 and going up to around $90. It’s important whatever the price that your piercee makes sure they choose someone who uses fully sterilized tools- after all, we want our piercing experience infection-free!

The average cost in U.S Dollars (USD) is between 30-90 dollars USD with some variation depending on location due to access restrictions which may add more costs when travelling internationally where such regulations don’t apply. 


The smiley piercing is a fun choice for those who want to add some flavour and surprise when it comes time for their oral piercings. You can hide this under your lip without anyone realizing that you’re wearing anything but they’ll find out if start smiling!