Pros And Cons Of Sperm Retention – All You Need To Know

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Sperm Retention is a natural cure with multiple reported benefits. It helps men with anxiety, depression, poor memory, general fatigue, and other ailments. On the other hand, Excessive Sperm Retention affects the brain. You can’t be confident without motivation and willpower.

Semen, a white viscous fluid secreted by the seminal vesicles and ejaculatory ducts of men, contains spermatozoa. The average human ejaculation is about 1 – 2 teaspoons (about 4 ml), containing around 100 million sperms. It takes about 5 days for sperm to be produced from their site in the test. 

Pros and Cons Of Sperm Retention – The Comparison Table

SerialPros Of Sperm RetentionCons Of Sperm Retention
1.The rise in male attractiveness and competitive advantage. While testosterone is commonly associated with aggression, dominance, and sex drive, the hormone is also responsible for physical strength, energy levels, muscle mass, mental alertness, and high libido. When sperm are retained to increase testosterone levels in the bloodYour life may change in many ways, and not all of them are easy to predict. It is possible that your stored sperm could be inaccessible due to the closure or relocation of a facility or doctor, or by your own actions after your divorce.
2.Keeps semen from flowing out.While sperm retention has been shown to be healthy, the majority of men who have tried it report discomfort during intercourse.
3.Enables a man to have sex while standing up, not having to squat down and untie his pants or catch them before they fall off.A four-month study at Stanford University School of Medicine showed that test subjects who had refrained from ejaculation for an extended period reported heightened levels of depression and anxiety.
4.Less risk of pregnancy because the semen doesn’t flow out. If you walk around with your dick bulging out of your pants allWhile having the option to retain sperm is nice, some men wish they could just let it all out when they’re done instead of holding on for another few hours or days. They might want to use it with another partner, masturbate or simply not experience any sexual urges at that time.
5.It can increase overall health and well-being. There is also evidence that, over time, sperm retention leads to better sexual function and performance. Many men report improved moods as well.You may not even need frozen storage in the future. Why not just store it if you can? What if your fiancée becomes pregnant shortly before the wedding and there is no need to freeze any? More than likely you’re going to want that money back. The more time goes by, the less likely you are to be able to recoup some or any of these costs.
6.It prevents the risk of non-consensual impregnation.Having children is one of the most satisfying experiences in life, but it can also be extremely taxing both financially and on your time. With sperm retention becoming more popular with men, many are choosing to have children at a much later age than they would have otherwise.
7.Your wife will be healthier when she is pregnant. Sperm retention allows your wife to delay pregnancy until later in life; this will allow her body to fully develop before it starts growing a baby. This gives her a better chance of getting pregnant, and also means that she will be stronger before the pregnancy starts.You must maintain storage conditions and track usage or expiration dates. Having your sperm stored is no easy matter, especially if you need it frozen. A great deal of precise storage equipment and expensive chemicals are needed to safely and properly store your sperm. If this equipment isn’t correctly maintained, the sperm may be rendered useless. Additionally, you need to know after how long sperm can go bad and if it’s possible for you to still impregnate a partner with it.
8.Sperm retention allows you more choice over your future family. If you wait until you are older before having any children, this gives you plenty of time to plan out your family. You can have one child, two children, three children, or even more if you are able to make the money required.For some, these choices are bad ones, as men may find they can’t have children at all if they choose to store their sperm for a long period of time.
9.You can help friends without risking your fertility. If your friend is infertile, then giving them semen allows them to have offspring even if they are unable to help with the sperm themselves. This will allow them to have a child even though they would otherwise be unable to do so.
10.Having money now, rather than having to wait until you are old enough to retire, means that you will be able to support your family during their main child-rearing years. If you have a career that requires you to live in expensive areas such as London or San Francisco, then if you do not save semen you will be unable to afford the high rent and living costs.
11.You will be able to help friends who cannot have children by themselves. A close friend may want a child, but due to infertility issues is unable to conceive on their own. This is where your sperm can come into play: if they provide the egg and you provide the semen, then together you can have a child that is genetically half theirs, half yours.
12.Having your semen saved means that you do not need to rely on just one woman’s eggs, or freeze your own sperm for future use. Theoretically, you should be able to father children into old age, provided you keep finding young women who will let you fertilize their eggs.
13.It reduces the risk of a woman having an abortion if she finds out you’re a “deadbeat dad” after sex with you becomes a regular thing in her life.
14.For many women, their fertility begins to decline around age 34. For this reason, it is worth waiting until your wife is in her mid-30s before having children. By then, your wife’s eggs may have deteriorated beyond the point of making it easy for sperm to penetrate, but by saving your semen you can provide her with a greater choice of donor sperm from a younger man.
15.It prevents prostitution, sexual slavery, and sexually transmitted diseases.

All You Need To Know About Sperm Retention 

All You Need To Know About Sperm Retention 

Sperm retention is the practice of keeping sperm within the body. The main goal of sperm retention is to prevent or reduce female reproduction potential, while still providing pleasure for both parties. The scrotum and testicles are part of a system designed to provide optimal conditions for the generation and storage of spermatozoa.

It is a popular misconception that ejaculation is the only way through which men can lose semen. In reality, there is nothing wrong with masturbation and also no reason to consider it as harmful from an Ayurvedic point of view. Masturbation has been mentioned in Ayurveda for its therapeutic value.

Paramount among the functions of the male accessory glands is that of producing a seminal fluid that contains spermatozoa capable of fertilizing the ovum. Sperm retention is the act of holding sperm inside the body after masturbation to avoid pregnancy. This may be done by various devices, health practices, masturbation techniques, or chemical substances. It can also involve the use of condoms or withdrawal during sexual intercourse.

In smaller amounts, semen also acts as a buffer for vaginal acidity and provides some immune factors including numerous proteins such as prostaglandin E1, lysozyme, and insulin-like factor.


Sperm retention is a controversial topic that has sparked controversy and debate for over two millennia, beginning with the ancient greeks. Supporters of this method advocate that it is far better than typical male contraception because It does not involve chemicals or drugs. And also There are no side effects aside from some mild discomfort during urination, and perhaps a little blood.