Pros And Cons Of Stanford University – Details Explained

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Stanford University is the most well-known university in the world. It is located in California, USA. There are two campuses in California, one is at Stanford and the other one is in Palo Alto. On the downside, Some of the most common complaints are that it is too far from big cities and there are not enough social life and dating prospects.

This university has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s find out what are the pros and cons of this university.

Pros and Cons of Stanford University – The Disparity

SerialCons of Stanford UniversityCons of Stanford University
1.Stanford University has no fees.The number of students in this university is few.
2.The largest number of research in science, technology, medicine, and business has Stanford University.This university lacks important facilities, such as gyms, auditoriums and lecture halls.
3.Stanford University has a huge library.Campus Life is boring here.
4.The campus is surrounded by forests, which is a super attractive feature for students.Food is expensive at Stanford University.
5.The world-class teacher has taught at Stanford UniversityAt Stanford University., There is not enough classroom.
6.Stanford University campus is naturally beautiful.This university is very popular so it takes time to admission in.
7.The University donates a lot of money.Stamford University’s location is too far from big cities.
8.The teachers here are very strict at Stanford University.This University is not easy to admission.

Pros Of Stanford University:

Pros Of Stanford University

1. Free Education

This is the most common advantage of this university. You don’t need to pay anything to go to this university.

2. Research In Science

Stanford University has the largest number of research in science, technology, medicine, and business. So, if you want to do research in any of these then you should come to this university.

3. Best Library

There is a huge collection of books in Stanford’s library. If you want to read a book then you must come here.

4. The Environment

The campus is surrounded by forest, which makes it the most beautiful place for students. If you are a nature lover then you will love this place.

5. Best Teachers

If you want to learn something, then you should come here because they are the best teachers in this world. They can teach anything to their students.

6. The Campus Is Beautiful

The campus is surrounded by forests and beautiful trees and plants. So, if you want to be a student at this university then you must come here because it will make your life more comfortable and beautiful.

7. The University Has A Lot Of Money So They Can Give A Lot Of Money To Charity

This university has a lot of money which they can use for charity purposes or just for the development of the country or the society in general so that everyone can be happy with this money that they have given for charities or the development of the country.

8. The Faculty

The faculty of this university is not the best. They don’t teach much. The teachers of this university are very strict and they don’t allow their students to do anything wrong.

Cons Of Stanford University:

1. Small Number Of Students

This university has a small number of students. It has about 9,500 students, but there are only 4,000 undergraduates and 1,500 graduate students.

2. No Parking

It is not possible to find parking at this university. Therefore, you need to pay for the parking if you want to park your car at this university.

3. Campus Life

The campus life is not like other universities. There are no sports, no good facilities and no good environment. It is a boring place to be in and the students are reading books most of the time which is not very good.

4. No Good Facilities

This university has no good facilities like a gym, auditorium, auditoriums and other things that are needed for a student to study properly without any problems or difficulty.

9. Expensive Food

The food at this university is very expensive and it will cost you $900 per year if you want to eat at the cafeteria or if you want to eat outside the cafeteria then it will cost you $1,200 per year because there are no other options for you to eat outside the cafeteria except for eating at McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants.

8. Not Enough Room

There are a lot of students in this university so there is not enough room for them to stay here. So, there are some difficulties in finding a place to stay here. If you want to go to this university then you must come with your family because it will be very difficult for you to find a place to stay here.

5. Many People Are Taking Admission In This University So It Takes Time

If you want to take admitted to this university then it will take time because many people are applying for admission every year and they have many requirements that they must meet so they can get admission to this university.

All You Need To Know About Stanford University:

 About Stanford University

Stanford University was established in 1891. It was founded by Leland Stanford, Sr. It was established to be a university of the West, where the best and brightest minds from all over the world could come together. The first university president of this university was David Starr Jordan who served for more than 20 years. He is known to be one of the most famous university presidents in US history. The second president of Stanford University was Frederick Terman who served for 11 years and is also known to be one of the most famous presidents in US history.

The founders of this university were very generous. They donated $375,000 to build a building called “Stanford Hall” which was used as a dormitory for the students and the staff. They also donated $100,000 to build a building called “Stanford Memorial Church” which was used as a church and also as a place where the university president would hold their mass.

Stanford University has two campuses in California, one is in Stanford and the other is in Palo Alto. It has about 38,000 students enrolled at this university. It offers over 200 majors for its students to choose from. It offers undergraduate degree programs in Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Business, Education and Law & Society. It also offers graduate degree programs for its students such as the PhD program in Engineering, Business Administration, and Computer Science. There are more than 535 research centres at this university that carry out research in various fields. It is also known for its very large endowment which has about $4.3 billion as of 2018.

Stanford University is one of the most famous universities in the world and it is widely considered a top-tier university. It has a great reputation in the world and it has produced many famous people who have done great contributions to the science, technology, and economy of the world. But this university also has some disadvantages that can be said to be its cons too because they are not so good either in comparison with its advantages.


Stanford is the top-ranked university in the world according to “U.S. News & World Report”. It is also one of the top fundraising universities in the United States, ranking 7th overall for total giving and 9th for the total number of alumni donating to it.