Ready To Race? Pros And Cons Of Subaru – You Must Know Before Buying A Car

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Subaru has a lot of features that make it unique. It has standard safety features, an all-wheel-drive system, and reliable engines. These are just a few of the reasons why Subaru sells so well and retains its value so well. On the other hand, In the down sign is A/C units not working, the reports cover a wide range of problems. Engines that won’t crank and infotainment systems that don’t function properly are common issues.

Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer founded in 1955, which has gradually grown to make one in eight cars worldwide. They have a strong presence in the automotive market in many countries, including their home market of Japan and the United States. Their current slogan is “Confidence in Motion”.

Cons Of Subaru

Pros and Cons Of Subaru – The Table Comparison

SerialPros Of SubaruCons Of Subaru
1.Subaru has a symmetrical all-wheel-drive system.Subaru’s are known to be very unreliable, making them expensive to repair after the warranty expires.
2.The boxer engine has a low centre of gravity so it has better balance in the corners thus making the car handle well on curves and in emergencies when you would need to manoeuvre quickly or suddenly slam on brakes to avoid an accident or other evasive measure.Their car designs are getting more and more boring with each new model year.
3.Subaru engines have aluminium blocks and heads, which save weight, reduce friction, and improve fuel economy.Many Subaru users have reported that they experience excessive wind noise while driving at high speeds.
4.Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive provides a solid grip for difficult road conditions such as snow, ice, mud, etc., giving you peace of mind that your vehicle will not slide out even if it is slippery out there; this also applies for wet roads where lack of can lead to accidents with serious consequences.Parts of the interior in some models are made of poor quality materials, for example, plastic leather seats instead of real leather.
5.Subaru is planning to add a new turbocharger which will be lighter and more compact than current models, improving fuel economy.Some experienced Subaru owners also claim that even though they’re safe, most Subarus tend to roll over easier than other cars.
6.Subaru uses double wishbone suspension in the rear instead of the cheaper strut suspension seen on most other vehicles; this provides faster turn-in, better steering control, and stability while braking hard and turning at the same time. The front suspension also has independent suspension for even better handling characteristics during high speeds and fast cornering manoeuvres.Subarus are not known for its good fuel economy, which is one of the main reasons why people buy hybrid cars nowadays.
7.Improved transmissions: where other car companies oftentimes use a jumble bag type CVT (continuously variable transmission), carrying over various gear ratios from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, etc., causing loss of power during acceleration because engine RPMs cannot be kept high, Subaru has a Lineartronic® CVT with 8 gear ratios and shift paddles you can use to control the transmission with manual shifting.Subaru has only minor safety features, like the ring around the steering wheel that lights up to let you know if your car is skidding or not, and their traction control systems.
8.The boxer engine’s low centre of gravity is lower than many V configuration engines so it gives better balance and less roll in corners and through elevation changes; this allows for even more precise cornering as well as improved overall vehicle handling which makes driving safer and more comfortable.The cameras installed in Subaru are also mediocre compared to other brands.
9.It provides decent space at very competitive prices compared to other vehicles that provide similar functionality such as Audi or Mercedes-Benz (not that those cars are ‘bad’ but rather they may not fit your budget).It’s very difficult to repair a Subaru yourself because of all the working computers inside them.
10.The interior is basic yet functional; nothing fancy but it gets the job done, so unless you are looking for the latest technological advances in your car (which most of us do not need; it is good to be able to drive a vehicle that has none of those bells and whistles anyway), then the Subaru is perfect.Many Subaru owners have reported that they experienced major problems with their transmissions after just 1,500-3,000 miles.
11.The new 2014 models come with an improved rearview camera system that can adjust its focus depending on how close or far you are from objects preventing accidents, especially at night; this is because if they display everything in focus all at once, you will obscure part of your view with closer objects instead of focusing on what’s important which could lead to hitting small animals like dogs or cats or running off the road resulting in disaster.  A glance will give a clear image of what is in front and at the corners; you will see exactly what’s behind or next to you which gives you more time to make a decision.  When you cannot see properly, your nervous system is running full throttle which makes for an unpleasant and dangerous drive.  The new camera also provides dynamic lines that guide the driver when it feels he/she is veering off into another lane or if they are getting too close to another vehicle (this may sound like nagware but it helps prevent accidents).The safety ratings for Subarus are fairly low overall (because even though they’re safe for everyday driving it doesn’t mean you can take turns at high speeds without fearing for your life).
12.The Subaru EyeSight ® Driver Assist Technology suite allows drivers to experience better handling on all road types as well as taking away stress, especially during difficult driving conditions such as rain, sleet, and snow, or even when it’s foggy as the vehicle will automatically brake, reduce speed and give you a warning beep to check your surroundings.  It is a lot of fun to drive, especially during those days when everything around you just looks gloomy and it takes a toll on your mood which affects your driving too!The materials they use to make Subaru’s are all recycled, which is good for the environment but it also makes them more expensive to produce.
13.Parts are very affordable at Subaru dealerships so why bring some other makes up with jacked-up prices? This is one of the many reasons why you should always buy genuine parts over aftermarket ones because they are made by the same people for better quality control or durability or both depending on the part being replaced; there are multiple levels of newness so you can choose what fits your budget best also considering how long that part will serve you after installation.Subaru has only one engine option, which is a boxer engine that allows for either front or all-wheel drive (never rear-wheel drive).
14.We recommend the Subaru WRX with the 5-cylinder Boxer motor for those who enjoy fast and sporty driving; it has extremely quick acceleration times and someone personally feels like a hero when he drives one!  The boxer engine sound gives off this nice deep rumbling noise that brings back memories of old muscle cars from decades ago!  Its steering is super responsive and tight which is fun to use on winding roads or through city traffic, and if you’re brave enough, don’t forget to test out its AWD capabilities during the wintertime!  This car competes directly with cars such as the Mitsubishi Evolution but instead of using a V6 turbocharged engine centred behind the driver, the WRX uses a 5-cylinder Boxer engine centred in front of the driver.  This preserves weight giving it more balance but also allows for quicker transmission of power when that turbo is activated resulting in better performance!They don’t offer any real luxury optional features on any of their models (like heated seats and steering wheels, leather interiors, etc.) as other car brands do.
15.For those who are into practicality and efficiency then you should look into owning a Subaru Legacy or Outback with their standard all-wheel drive and high ground clearance whether it be for work or play; these models offer generous amounts of space so if you enjoy going camping with your family, this will surely meet your needs.  If you go up to the higher trims such as the 3.6R Limited then you get leather seats which may not matter to some but others just feel comfortable if they are in a non-pleather material.  They also have good cargo space so if you need to transport larger items, the Outback and Legacy will be able to handle it without any problems.Their engines tend to be loud and noisy when you’re driving at slow speeds or idling in traffic.
16.The interior of the WRX is sporty with nice trimmings however not too flashy which makes for a nice environment when driving around town or even on long trips; there are enough USB ports for your electronic devices as well as one that charges your Apple device at twice the speed of regular USB ports!  The centre screen gives off this futuristic feel but has all important information laid out before you with access to satellite radio & mp3s via BlueTooth connection.

History Of Subaru

History Of Subaru

In 2016, they sold over 1 million vehicles for the first time. Subaru was formed from a merger between five companies: Fuji Heavy Industries, a former aircraft manufacturer that also made railroad parts; Nakajima Aircraft Company, a producer of aeroplanes during World War II; Motor-vehicle Research Institute, an automaker research organization; Omiya Sonic Equipment, a truck, bus and trailer axle manufacturer; and Industries; which was created from an unfinished plan by one of the companies to merge.

The motorsports division of Subaru is known as Subaru Rally Team Japan and participates in several racing series, including World Rally Championship and Dakar Rally. Their current drivers for WRC are Mitsuhiro Ichiki, who replaced long-time driver Ken Block this year, and Thierry Neuville. Notably, the team has won three consecutive WRC constructors’ championships since 2011. They also have a British Touring Car Championship team under the name Team BMR, which is currently home to an independent entry for Jason Plato and two entries from defending champion Ashley Sutton. Meanwhile, in rallycross, Volkswagen Andretti Autosport’s Tanner Foust and Scott Speed drive a pair of Subarus for Rockstar Energy Racing, while Rhys Millen’s Hyundai is the only factory-supported entry under the Hyundai Shell World Rally Team.

The NASCAR team, Subaru Motorsports USA, currently fields a single car in the Xfinity Series for JR Motorsports. The pilot of that car is the 2004 champion and 2017 Daytona 500 winner, 2004 champion Travis Pastrana.


The Subaru brand was founded in the 20th century, but it didn’t truly take off until the 21st. Through strong marketing and awesome products with awesome names like Impreza, XV Crosstrek, BRZ, and Forester (and others that will not be mentioned because I don’t want to plagiarize), Subaru has become one of Japan’s most beloved automakers; there are even two movies dedicated to their cars (even if one of them is a cuss-fest).