Pros And Cons Of Trumpcare – Interesting Fun Facts Included

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Trump care’s goal was to replace the Affordable Care Act of 2010 by lowering healthcare costs and increasing insurance coverage, but also to save money for both government entities and private companies alike. However, not many details have been released to the public. However, One of the main problems with Trumpcare is that it rewards ever-increasing list prices. Everyone in today’s system, including PBMs, suffers.

Trumpcare is the new healthcare system in place in the US. It was put together with the help of Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, who has also been vocal about putting an end to social security. Trumpcare aims to replace Obamacare. It was different from Obamacare in several ways. Under Obamacare, companies are mandated to provide health care to employees. But under Trumpcare, this would no longer be the case. Instead, companies can decide whether or not they want to contribute to their employees’ healthcare plans.

Pros and Cons Of Trumpcare – Let’s Know The Table

SerialPros Of TrumpcareCons Of Trumpcare
1.The proposed plan will give people a tax credit to buy health insurance.The Trump Card would not allow individuals to keep their current healthcare providers.
2.Medicaid will now be covered by federal block grants to individual states, meaning less involvement from the government and more money saved.In any healthcare system, the most important factor is the doctors and nurses. If you don’t have good doctors and nurses, your healthcare will suffer.
3.This is a great move for consumers, who will have less of an impact on their coverage and will save money.The healthcare system in America is broken and it’s too expensive for many people.
4.Americans can finally afford to buy insurance if they want it.Trump’s healthcare bill will have a devastating impact on the American public.
5.The healthcare costs under Obamacare were exploding.Americans need healthcare to keep their jobs.
6.Under Obamacare, rates for health insurance were going up astronomically.Trump’s healthcare plan would be bad for American children.
7.In a free market, advancements in humanity flourish.Donald Trump’s healthcare bill does not even benefit members of Congress.

Pros Of Trumpcare

1. Tax Credits

The plan includes tax credits to help people buy health insurance on the market, which is different from the subsidies available under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

2. Medicaid

Medicaid will be covered by federal block grants to individual states, lessening Washington’s role in determining coverage rules and saving taxpayers money. 

3. Insurance

Americans will finally be able to afford insurance if they want it.

4. HealthCare

Healthcare costs were exploding under Obamacare.

5. Free-Market Advances

Free-market advances humanity, but Socialism holds it back.

6. Trumpcare was the Best Option

The poor can no longer shirk their responsibilities and get “free” healthcare instead of taking care of themselves. Trumpcare was the best option for them.

7. The Death of The Bill

The death of the bill will make it easier for Republicans to gain support from moderates in order to repeal and replace Obamacare at a more appropriate time.

8. Getting Better Treatment

More choices of care were available, allowing patients to get better treatment.

9. Insurance Rates

Insurance rates were growing exponentially under Obamacare.

10. Trumpcare 1.0

Trumpcare 1.0 was merely a way to pass the Senate, and only tackles one issue of healthcare (as far as I can tell), whereas Obamacare tackled several things.

Cons Of Trumpcare

1. You Can’t Use Your Current Insurance Provider 

One of the many problems with the trump card is that it would not allow individuals to keep their current healthcare providers. Instead, all consumers would be forced onto a government marketplace where they could choose between one of a half-dozen or so different plans. The problem with this? You have no choice in insurance providers – you are stuck using whatever plan your state’s marketplace assigns you to use, regardless of whether or not it’s right for you. Also, insurance providers will no longer be able to provide you with the same level of care they’re currently providing. With Trumpcare, your healthcare provider could decide that certain medical treatments would take too long or cost too much – and simply refuse to offer them. That means that if you ever get sick or injured, you could be forced to pay for medical treatment out of pocket.

2. Medical Bankruptcy Would Be Back 

One of the biggest problems with American healthcare is that it’s too expensive for many Americans to afford care. The only way many people get the care they need is through insurance providers – but in most cases, insurance providers don’t offer services that many consumers need. That’s why medical bankruptcy has become such a big problem in this country; sometimes, people get sicker than they ever thought possible – but their insurance providers won’t pay for the treatments they need to get better! With Trumpcare, all of this would change. Which is terrible news for American consumers. Insurance providers would no longer be required to offer the same level of care they currently offer. In fact, insurance providers might actually refuse to cover certain treatments that could get you or your loved ones better – and in many cases, leave Americans with no other choice than to pay for these medical services out of pocket.

3. Doctors & Nurses Won’t Be Paid Properly 

One of the most important aspects of any healthcare system is its doctors and nurses. If you don’t have good doctors and nurses, your healthcare will suffer. But with the trump card, this would become a major problem for American consumers. The fact of the matter is that the trump card doesn’t pay doctors enough to make up for all of the time and effort they put into treating patients. As a result, many of these healthcare workers would quit – which could be devastating for any person who needs medical care!

4. Families Will Be Destroyed By Trumpcare 

If you’re lucky enough to have access to proper healthcare, then it’s good that you’re using it. However, if you’re not – then you’re one of the millions of Americans who currently don’t have access to good, reliable healthcare. If you’re already struggling on a daily basis. It would make all of this so much worse. Think about it: if your family member gets sick, they could be forced to pay for medical services out of pocket! And if you’re low-income, that means it could be impossible for you to get the care your family member needs. This would put such a strain on any family that’s already struggling – and in many cases, cause families to break apart entirely.

5. Americans Would Lose Their Jobs 

Many Americans need healthcare in order to hold down a job. If you have a chronic health condition, it might be impossible for you to work – even if you want to. According to recent reports, Trumpcare would leave 2 million Americans without jobs in the coming years; that’s an estimated 6% of the American workforce! For many families, losing one or more members of their household would be devastating – and in many cases, cause them to completely fall apart.

6. Trumpcare Would Be Terrible For America’s Children 

It should come as no surprise that the United States doesn’t offer healthcare that caters to its youngest citizens; however, Trumpcare would make things much worse than they already are! According to recent reports, it would leave 42,000 American children without health care! And if you think about it, that’s nothing short of awful. No child should ever have to go without the healthcare they need; however, it would make this a reality.

7. Trumpcare Isn’t Even Good For Members Of Congress 

Although it was likely to be bad news for just about every American, it seems to be especially bad for members of the US Congress. For example, if you’re a member of Congress under this, then your healthcare plan could cost more than $10,000 per year – and that’s just insane! That’s more than the average family makes in an entire year, so it seems like lawmakers could afford to pay for their own healthcare. However, they don’t – and it looks like they never will. 8. Trumpcare would be terrible for America’s military veterans – Our nation owes so much to veterans who have served in the US military; however, what do these brave men and women get in return? Unfortunately, it looks like our government would be sacrificing the healthcare of these individuals in order to pass Trumpcare. According to recent reports, it could leave our nation’s military veterans without health care… and it’s nothing short of appalling!

9. Trumpcare Would Make Medical Treatment Worse 

One of the best things about America is that its citizens have access to good, reliable healthcare – but it would put an end to all of that! According to recent reports, Trumpcare would make it much more difficult for people who need medical care; and in some cases, this could be devastating. For example, if you needed life-saving surgery, then you’d have to pay out of pocket – and that’s the opposite of fair.

10. Trumpcare Would Be Terrible For Older Americans 

It’s amazing that anyone over the age of 55 survives in America these days; however, it seems like Trumpcare could make life even more difficult for this group! According to recent reports, Trumpcare would hurt one-sixth of all Medicare recipients and if you’re unfamiliar with Medicare, then you should know that it’s the only thing standing between these Americans and poverty. Without this plan, many seniors might not be able to survive – which means they’d become a burden on their families, at best.


Donald Trump and the Republican Party have promised for years to repeal and replace Obamacare, and they hold a majority in Congress and control of the White House they’ve failed spectacularly. The American Health Care Act has been pulled from consideration after failing to gain enough support from Republicans—and not only is it still extremely unpopular with the public (a majority opposed it), but now the Republicans are swearing up and down that they’re done with health care for now.

And so begins another shameful display of failure by Donald Trump and his party—they’ve promised to repeal Obamacare almost since the day it was signed into law, yet despite having spent six years promising action they failed utterly when given an opportunity to actually do something.