Pros And Cons Of Uncircumcised – You Must Know About This

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The uncircumcised foreskin, or the prepuce, is a flap of tissue that covers and protects the glans penis. In humans, the foreskin has important protective and sexual functions. In some cultures, it is customary to circumcise male infants in the belief that it enhances cleanliness and health. However, Circumcised babies have a higher risk of developing a urinary tract infection. The main culprit is smegma, which can build up under the foreskin and cause infections.

The uncircumcised foreskin, uncircumcised penis. Indicates a male whose penis has not been surgically altered to remove the foreskin, which covers the tip of the glans penis in an intact male. The word “prepuce” comes from the Latin phrase, which means “before”, and pure, which means “to be ashamed.” From Latin, this term was translated to Old French as prépucel. Some infants are born with a short foreskin that retracts during childhood before puberty.

Pros and Cons Of Uncircumcised – The Table Comparison

SerialPros Of UncircumcisedCons Of Uncircumcised
1.Circumcision makes cleaning under the foreskin difficult, if not impossible.3.1% of the global male population is considered “uncircumcised” in some way, fashion or form.
2.Low risk of all penile and prostate cancerHeterosexuality
3.If you do need a circumcision later in life it’s easier to have one done than if you were circumcised as an infantPainful erections
4.No scarring of the glans due to infections, phimosis or adhesions.Infectious diseases of the penis
5.You can eat any kind of cuisine without worrying about curry getting stuck in your foreskin.Decreased sexual pleasure for both partners
6.Easier to keep clean and hygienic in the summer (no clothing sticking and getting dirty like under clothes or swim shorts)Uncircumcised penises need to get erect before they get retracted.
7.Lower risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs)As these men are still able to reproduce, so there’s no evolutionary reason for us to be removing the foreskin at birth. The human body is designed with a purpose and removing its natural defence mechanism is a sign of human ignorance.
8.Easier to clean, no skin trapping bacteria and smegma.Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
9.Uncircumcised penises are so much easier to keep clean and it makes it easier when they’re urinating.Excessive foreskin
10.A foreskin is a really good natural lubeLack of hygiene.
11.You can do so many things with an uncircumcised penis!Uncircumcised penises look disgusting.
12.It protects the head/glans of your penis from becoming dried out and cracked, which is especially important for men who take long showers or baths every day. The foreskin is there for a reason, and one should respect the body God gave them by leaving it alone.
13.It’s easier to keep uncircumcised.Uncircumcised penises can be very difficult and painful to clean.
14.Circumcised men are 4-8 times more likely to experience.The foreskin is very mobile from erection to the relaxation state.
15.Circumcision has no effect on STD rates, all studies show this to be untrue.It contains at least 10,000 highly sensitive nerve endings (That’s in addition to the external and internal mucus membranes in and around your penis).
16.Circumcised men are more likely to suffer from anorgasmia (difficulty reaching orgasm).The foreskin is a unique sensory tissue in and of itself.
17.Circumcision causes loss of penis sensitivity, diminishing sexual pleasure.The foreskin is not a useless flap of skin. It has specific functions in sexuality, protection, sensation, etc., much like the eyelid or the lips.
18.Circumcised men are more prone to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).Uncircumcised penises are more likely to harbour bacteria, viruses, and other harmful diseases.
19.The rate of Cervical Cancer is higher among women with circumcised partners.Uncircumcised penises are not aesthetically pleasing. Circumcised penises show a more clear definition of the head, shaft, and foreskin. It looks like an anatomical drawing vs a dirty tissue someone rolled up in their pants. The removed foreskin also makes it much easier to clean the penis which prevents the buildup of bacteria, and fungi.
20.Circumcised men are more prone to penile cancer.It’s a natural procedure, a very basic one, and something that is done to all men in some continents around the world from birth.
21.Preventing infection is a key part of staying healthy and uncircumcised males may be more likely than others to contract a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). A recent article by the CDC found that a lack of circumcision increases your risk of contracting this condition by 23%. The study reviewed 22 scientific studies, showing how not having their foreskin can lead to serious medical problems such as developing kidney damage or even death from sepsis. This includes newborn babies too- it’s important they get circumcised right away so no one else has risks associated!

The Story of Uncircumcised? 

An uncircumcised penis is a type of male genitalia that has not been circumcised. Throughout history, circumcision was believed to be able to cure disease and prevent bad things from happening by exposing the penis to bacteria and bodily fluids found in the dirt. It was thought to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

In the world, about 70% of men are circumcised. In America, it is estimated that 1/3 of all male births are circumcised. Circumcision is a term for the removal of the foreskin from the penis. The foreskin is a sleeve-like fold of skin that covers and protects the head or glans of the penis.

In the 1970s and 1980s, as many as 79% of U.S. baby boys were circumcised; however, this percentage has dropped to around 55%. In Europe even lower rates 

Males are circumcised- an average of 43 per cent according to European Union regulations (although countries like Liechtenstein only follow Belgium’s).


One of the new trends in America is for adult men to seek out foreskin restoration. It’s a procedure that requires years of patience, but it has made some men happier. There are many benefits to being circumcised, including lower STIs(Sexually Transmitted Infections)and reduced risk for HIV infection.

If you’re a parent to a young boy, circumcision may seem like the best decision. It’s a quick surgery performed by a doctor; the risks are very low and it prevents your child from having to deal with any problems later in life.