Pros And Cons Of Zoom – What You Need To Know?

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Zoom is a feature on most digital cameras and smartphones that allows the user to get a closer look at the image they are taking. This is done by enlarging the photo or video on the screen. on the other hand, This product is not for everyone. It has high resource requirements, and the free plan is limited in terms of features and usability.

To zoom in on an image, tap and hold the screen with your finger and drag it up or down. To zoom out, drag your finger left or right. Some cameras have a zoom lever or button on the top or side of the camera body that you can use to zoom in and out. When used too much, zoom can make photos and videos look distorted or blurry. Try to use zoom only when you need it, and always zoom in before you start shooting. 

Pros and Cons Of Zoom – Let’s Know The Table

SerialPros Of ZoomCons Of Zoom
1.Zoom is the ideal tool for conducting presentations to large groups of people.Zoom has so many meeting features that not all of them are free.
2.It eliminates the need for a physical office.The Mobile Zoom App Isn’t Available
3.A zoom is an excellent tool added for recording your meeting.Meeting rooms cannot be created. Participants can only join existing meeting rooms.
4.Zoom is the easiest way to share your screen with others.There are a limited number of meetings that you can host each month.
5.It allows you to connect with coworkers from anywhere in the world.In Zoom meetings, there is no way to mute participants automatically.
6.The Zoom interface is simple to use and intuitive.Zoom requires an internet connection.
7.Zoom’s online meeting software is the perfect tool for remote workers.ZOOM is a great service, but it’s not cheap.
What Is Zoom

Pros Of Zoom:

1) Enable You To Work From Anywhere

Zoom enables you to work from anywhere and eliminates the need for a physical office. You

can host meetings with your clients or colleagues from any location.

2) Simplifies Business Travel

Using Zoom eliminates the need for extensive travel. You can meet with clients and conduct business using your laptop, tablet, phone, or home computer. This allows you to keep in touch with staff members when you are on the road or travelling abroad.

3) Keeps Meeting Notes Organized And Accessible

Zoom records all meeting sessions which makes it easy to review notes at a later date. All meeting logs are retained online in an encrypted data centre that only authorized users to have access to, ensuring they remain safe and confidential. Access them anytime you need them via your desktop or mobile device.

4) Let Participants Be Heard Easily

Most people have experienced that person during a meeting who is constantly talking or being interrupted. Zoom’s audio clarity allows everyone in the room to be heard clearly. There are also no echoes or delays when speaking, which can cause confusion and disrupt meetings.

5) Let You Share Your Screen

Zoom lets you share your screen with others so they can see exactly what you are seeing without any lag time. This allows viewers to follow alongside presenters, helping them work together more efficiently. The service also gives users an option to allow for whiteboard sharing so participants can easily collaborate online or draw on each other’s screens.

6) Great For Presenting To Large Groups Of People

More than 50 million unique users access Zoom video conferencing each month, making it the perfect tool for conducting presentations to large groups of people.

7) Provides An Easy To Use Interface

The Zoom interface is easy to use and intuitive. This allows you to get started right away without any training required.

8) Files Can Be Shared Easily And Quickly

Zoom’s file-sharing feature lets users upload files directly from their hard drives or cloud storage during meetings. Users also can share Dropbox folders with attendees if they choose to do so. Sharing capabilities can be set up at any time during a meeting based on convenience and need.

9) Leads To A More Productive Meeting Experience

Zoom’s screen-sharing, whiteboarding abilities, and file-sharing functions allow participants to brainstorm more effectively and better assist each other. All meeting notes are logged so participants can easily reference them later on, making it easy to have a productive and streamlined meeting.

10) There Is A Variety Of End User Experience Options

Zoom provides you with a variety of experience options for your end-users based on device type. You can choose from a desktop client, browser plug-in, mobile app, or phone app. All give users the tools they need to connect instantly and communicate clearly with their team members and clients no matter where they are located at any given time.

11) Let Users Meet On Their Schedule Using The Video Conferencing App

Video conferencing services like Zoom allow you to meet on your schedule instead of scheduling around everyone else’s. You can choose to meet at a time that works best for you without having to worry about coordinating with other people.

12) Cancellation Policies Are Flexible

If something comes up and you need to cancel or rearrange a meeting, Zoom’s cancellation policies are very flexible. This gives you the ability to easily reschedule without any penalties or hassles.

13) Offers A Free Version For Smaller Groups

Zoom offers a free version for groups of up to 10 people. This is great for small businesses or those who are just starting and want to test out the features of the service before upgrading.

14) Let Users Join Meetings Without Installing Any Software

Anyone can join a meeting with Zoom without installing any software. They only need to sign in using their screen name, phone number, or email address.

15) Users Can Create And Manage Their Meeting Rooms Via The Mobile App

Meetings are easier than ever thanks to Zoom’s mobile app, which gives users the ability to create and manage their meeting rooms. This eliminates the need for scheduling or technical support when it comes to hosting video meetings on the go.

16) There Is A Desktop Screen Sharing Feature For Windows Users

If you’re using a PC through Microsoft Windows, you will have access to screen-sharing capabilities right from your system tray window. You won’t need an additional browser tab as many other video conferencing services require.

17) Delivers High-Quality Video Streaming

What sets Zoom apart from other video conferencing services is its ability to deliver high-quality streaming video and crystal-clear sound every time you attend a meeting.

18) It’s Cheaper Than Traditional Conference Calls

Zoom is cheaper than traditional conference calls and can save your company money over the long run because of its easy setup process and instant connectivity capabilities. This means shorter waits for meetings and fewer delays in getting things done.

19) Screen Sharing Is Easy To Do And Use Via The Mobile App

Screen-sharing functionality is built into the mobile app, which makes it easier to share important information during meetings on the go with only a few taps.

20) There Are A Variety Of Meeting Tools Available

Zoom offers a variety of meeting tools that make it easy for participants to connect and communicate with each other. These include video conferencing, voice messaging, chat, whiteboarding, and file sharing. This gives users the ability to tailor their meeting experience to best fit their needs.

Cons Of Zoom:

1) The Service Can Be Expensive

If you have a large team or need to host meetings with people located all over the globe, Zoom can be expensive. The price per user increases as the number of participants increases.

2) It Can Take Time To Get Used To The Interface

The interface may take some getting used to, especially if you’re used to another video conferencing service. You may find yourself accidentally muting other participants or not being able to see who is talking.

3) There Is A Lot Of Down Time If Your Internet Goes Out

Zoom only works if you have an internet connection, so if your internet goes out, you will not be able to participate in any meetings.

4) Not All Meeting Features Are Available In The Free Version

The free version of Zoom is great for small groups, but if you need to use some of the more advanced features like video conferencing or screen sharing, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

5) You May Experience Lag Times If Too Many People Are Connected

If there are too many people connected to a meeting, it can lead to lag times and choppy video streaming. This can be frustrating for participants and make it difficult to get work done.

6) Hosts Can’t Mute Participants Automatically

If a participant is being disruptive or talking over others the host has to manually mute them which can be time-consuming.

7) There Are A Limit To How Many Meetings You Can Host Per Month

If you need to host more than three meetings per month, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

8) Meeting Rooms Can Only Be Created By Hosts

Participants can’t create their meeting rooms, they can only join pre-existing ones. This can be inconvenient if the host isn’t available when the meeting starts.

9) The Mobile App Isn’t Available On All Platforms

The mobile app is only available on iOS and Android devices, so Windows and Blackberry users are out of luck.

10) It Requires A Fair Amount Of Bandwidth

To use Zoom, you need a stable internet connection with at least 2 Mbps of bandwidth.

11) The Zoom Client Isn’t Compatible With All Operating Systems

The Zoom client is only compatible with Windows Vista and higher, Mac OS X 10.9 and higher, Android 4.0 and higher, and iOS 7 or later devices. If you’re using a computer that doesn’t meet these requirements, you won’t be able to use the video conferencing tool.

12) There Is A Limit On The Number Of Connections You Can Make Per Account

You can have a total of up to 100 connections per account which means putting together meetings involving more than 100 people can be difficult if not impossible for some users.


Finally, Zoom is a great tool for many users, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if Zoom is right for you. If you need something simple that offers basic video conferencing, then Zoom may be the service for you. But if you’re looking for more advanced features like screen sharing or automatic muting of participants, this may not be the best option.