What do You need To Know About Sika PostFix Pros And Cons?

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Sika PostFix is a pre-packaged, commercial spray-applied SIPs insulation designed for use on exterior wall cavities in traditional wood frame construction. Sika’s SIPs products are made from rigid polystyrene panels that have been engineered to meet SIP building code standards for wind and structural loading. Sika SIP panels are produced with Sika’s SIP Sizing System, which enables installers to easily determine the right SIP panel for virtually any wall application. The other side drawbacks of Sika PostFix are that it does not adhere well to smooth surfaces, and it is not a solvent-based adhesive.

Sika Canada Inc. Sika is a global leader in adhesive technologies, providing innovative solutions for the automotive, construction, woodworking and packaging industries. Sika’s strengths are based on more than 160 years of commitment to three basic values. 

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Pros and Cons Of Sika PostFix – The Differences

SerialPros Of Sika PostFix Cons Of Sika PostFix
1.Sika PostFix is high strength, low shrinkage, and breathable. Sika PostFix does not trap moisture in the substrate.Sika PostFix is an epoxy paste adhesive method.
2.They will provide a perfect surface with a smooth, slightly rough finish that allows it to be decorated in many waysWhen it was invented, the use of this product swiftly expanded into other construction projects.
3.Sika PostFix has Unrivaled strength.created to fill post holes in wooden fence posts.
4.They provide a physical barrier to protect against salt penetration, efflorescence, water vapour, and pollutants effects. Sika PostFix is weather resistant. It will dry to a water vapour permeable film having high resistance against alkalis and acids it is a hydrophobic product, thus Sika PostFix stops water penetration.Although Sika advertised their product as being able to be used to waterproof decks and fix plumbing leaks.
5.It’s Unrivaled waterproofing.Sika Adhesive has not been approved for use as a structural adhesive and is only intended as an exterior product.
6.Sika PostFix has No shrinkage.The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) clearly states that Sika Post-Fix should be used only as an “exterior patch material”.
7.Excellent adhesion is Sika PostFix.Cannot be used as a structural adhesive
8.Work at almost all temperatures sika system cem, sika system cem adhesives sika postfixRequires hand mixing of the product instead of machine mixing
9.No screw loosening in Sika PostFix.Must wait at least 8 hours before walking on the surface after installation
10.Fast installation time Sikaflex postfixing adhesive.Water damage can occur under the coating if not installed properly or allowed to cure for the recommended amount of time
11.No expansion joints are required for Sikaflex. Requires two coats to be complete, which means twice the work

All You Need to Know About Sika Fix 

Sika PostFix is a Sika Sarnafil roof system that has been introduced to the Sika product portfolio, which was issued in July 2017. It is a range of Sika polyurethane-based surface-bonded rubber sheets used for waterproofing and insulation in roofs and walls. The Sika collection consists of Sika Sarnafil, Sika Sarnadur, Sika Sarnatherm, Sika Sionneau and Sika Fix.

Sika PostFix was introduced to the market as a roof sheet system that can be installed on roofs with or without insulation. It is made from recyclable rubberized asphalt sheets Sika Sarnafil S-1501, S-1603, and S-2502. The Sika Sarnafil sheets are intelligently selected to match the surfaces of different roofs and they can be instantly applied without any priming or need for prior preparation.

Who Would Want To Use Sika PostFix?

This epoxy paste adhesive method is indeed an attractive adhesive method because of the many cons that go with it. It’s been advertised as a quick and easy solution for waterproofing decks and waterproofing concrete but keep in mind that you will have to purchase two buckets of the product to cover any sizable area.

Also, this epoxy paste adhesive has cons that can outweigh the pros by a lot because it requires you to mix the product yourself using a drill with an attached mixing paddle, allowing for inconsistent ratios between buckets if not properly mixed. If you are intending on using Sika PostFix as a deck waterproofing solution, then be prepared to mix and apply three bags of product for every 50 square feet. This means that you will have to complete two coats which can take up to 24 hours for the epoxy paste adhesive to cure each time.

 Have you ever tried to install a roof yourself, only to find out after finishing that some parts of it leak? That’s what Sika PostFix is like. You’ll have no problem putting it up, but the cons of sika postFix outweigh its cons.

Let us first talk about what Sika PostFix is. Sika PostFix is a fast-setting repair mortar (by Hilti) that sets in 10 minutes. It can be used to fix cracks, holes, and other defects in concrete, masonry, or stone surfaces. It does not require formwork for structural repairs/improvements up to 1-1/4″ thick. For thin repairs, such as repairing cracks and holes, it leaves a smooth, flat surface. It can be used to patch, level, or resurface concrete that is fully cured and properly prepared.

How Long Does Sika Post Fix Take To Set?

The post-installation process of a Rapidly Buried Heating Cable System can be made more convenient and fast. For example, you just need to roll up the pouch for it not to get tangled anywhere or mix with other materials. Below ground level, while also ensuring that there’s no spilling from any opening at all! It will then open automatically when one footfall on top making sure everything goes smoothly without being disturbed by human hands ever again.

The set time is 3 minutes tops before everything sets naturally without anyone having anything else interfere like dirt particles during installation which may cause rusting over long periods

What Is Sika’s Postfix Made Of?

Sika PostFix is a two-part, pre-proportioned polyurethane resin that when mixed produces an expanding foam. It has been specifically formulated and packaged to provide lightweight backfill for wooden in-ground supports as well as steel or PVC posts that are installed higher off the ground without any need of mixing it yourself! This product comes complete with everything you’ll need including simple instructions so don’t hesitate to get your hands on this great innovation today.

Sika’s newest invention: ThePost Fix!!!!  It got all kinds of cool stuff inside like easy mixin’ ratios (plus they made sure there were small enough batches.


Sika PostFix was designed as a permanent solution that is durable and easy to install, Sika Sarnafil S-1501 is a lower-grade Sika Sarnafil sheet that allows for an affordable solution.

S-1603 is a Sika Sarnafil roof sheet that is weatherproof and therefore maintains its waterproofing properties even when exposed to direct sunlight. Sika Sarnatherm S-2502 is a Sika Sarnafil sheet that can withstand extreme weather conditions, it maintains its properties during high and low temperatures.

The sheets of Sika PostFix have been designed with an aerodynamic architectural shape to ensure wind stability, which reduces the load on buildings in exposed areas such as coastal regions. Sika Sarnadur S-1603 sheets are highly resistant to heavy rain, snow, and ice. Sika Sarnatherm S-2502 has low thermal conductivity so it provides insulation from hot or cold temperatures.