Pros And Cons of Skateboard – All You Need To Know

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Skateboarding is one of the world’s most popular sports. Skateboarders are people who ride specially designed, motorized boards with four to six wheels while standing on smaller versions of the skateboard called decks. On the other hand, Learning to skateboard is hard.

Skateboarding is so popular, that there are now magazines dedicated to these athletes and their sport. Kids who enjoy watching professionals compete on television can play games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, which were developed specifically for them. This sport has become very popular and is now an integral part of American youth. There are even television channels devoted to this game. Although skateboarding has long been a pastime, it was not until the 1970s that it evolved into an Olympic professional sport.

Pros and Cons of Skateboard – The Comparison Table

SerialPros of Skateboard Cons of Skateboard
1.Skateboarding is a way to improve your balance and coordination.Skateboarding Cost of Repair is Costly.
2.Riding a skateboard can help your self-esteem.Cracks are dangerous and cause problems in several ways.
3.Skateboarding offers stress-relieving benefits.People get hurt while skateboarding.
4.Riding a skateboard can improve your health.Skateboarders are often involved in lawsuits.
5.Skateboarding is a social activity that connects you with people.You might get injured if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing.
6.Skateboarding is a great outlet that lets you show your creative side.The skateboard industry is currently experiencing swelling lips and feet among young skateboarders.
7.Skateboarding is an excellent form of exercise.Skateboarding is not a joke for Everyone.
Skateboard Pros

Skateboard Pros

1. Helps Improve Balance And Coordination

Skateboarding is an exercise to improve your balance and coordination. As you know, riding a skateboard involves taking sharp turns, making sudden stops, and balancing the entire time. All of this helps improve your balance and coordination. It also enhances your ability to manoeuvre around obstacles. This is a great skill that you would need in all parts of life, whether it’s work or play.

2. Boosts Confidence

Riding a skateboard is an exciting experience that boosts your confidence when done correctly. And it is not just the physical activity but the mental activity involved in skateboarding that increases your self-confidence. You get to learn more about yourself, go beyond what you thought was possible, and figure out ways to challenge yourself even further. Skating helps you know your limits and push past them by improving your skills which would boost your confidence.

3. Strengthens Your Body

Skateboarding is a great form of exercise for your entire body, whether you are riding or pushing the board! You burn calories, tone muscles, and stay active when you skateboard. This is ideal for people trying to lose weight or gain muscle. Skateboarding helps strengthen your abs, arms, legs, and back without the need for a gym!

4. Mental Health Benefits

Skateboarding can also be therapeutic due to its stress-relieving benefits. Skating is challenging which means you have to stay focused and determined until you complete your trick or ride. This helps keep your mind off other issues you may be having every day. When you skate, you are moving towards your goals and staying positive. Skateboarding also increases the release of endorphins in the brain which makes you happy!

5. Improves Overall Health

Riding a skateboard is not only fun but can improve your health as well. It encourages physical activity which helps shed off extra pounds and lowers your risk of health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Even if you are not trying to lose weight but want to stay healthy, skateboarding is an ideal way for you!

6. No Age Limit

You can ride a skateboard at any age. It does not matter how young or old you are, riding a skateboard can be done by anyone. It is a sport that suits all ages and keeps you fit regardless of how young or old you are. Skateboarding is a sport for people who want to stay physically active regardless of their age!

7. You Can Buy The Best Skateboards Online

You do not have to go anywhere to buy the best skateboards. You can find some of the best online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart at affordable prices! Just make sure you read reviews and compare prices before buying one.

8. Skating Is A Social Activity

Skateboarding is an exciting social activity that allows you to meet new people or catch up with your friends! It is a fun activity that you can do with others either at the park or in competitions!

9. Skateboarding Lets You Express Yourself

Skateboarding also lets your creative side come out and express yourself! It provides an opportunity for you to let loose and get comfortable trying new things. The more you skate, the more tricks you’ll learn and the more you get to express yourself.

10. It’s Fun!

Skateboarding is definitely a fun activity that involves both your body and mind! You get to be active and social while at the same time challenging yourself and learning new things about skateboarding and yourself! Skateboarding is one of the best sports for all ages so you should definitely try it!

Cons Of Skateboard 

1 . Cost To Repair Or Replace

When you are injured while skateboarding it can be very expensive to get better. The medical treatment associated with the injury itself will cost a lot of money, but in addition to that, there are often times personal items which must be replaced due to their damage during the accident. If you have broken your board by slamming onto it, you will have to replace it. In addition, if your injuries cause long-term problems in your life, for example, a broken leg that causes chronic pain when walking, then there are going to be additional costs associated with that as well which must be taken into consideration when thinking about the expenses involved with skateboarding.

2. Cracked Board

Cracks are dangerous for several reasons. First, without the integrity of the board’s structure compromised you will not have to worry about your board breaking apart while riding it. When cracks occur they make both performing tricks and just standing on the skateboard more difficult because you must now be cautious not to lose your balance or grip.

3. Swollen Lips Or Toes

While the thought of getting your foot stuck in your board’s wheel may seem like a lot of fun to you, it is not nearly as rewarding to skateboarders who have experienced this very painful reality firsthand. This injury can be caused by several factors but one clear reason lies in the toe-drag technique. This is when the skateboarder intentionally drags his or her toe along the ground in an attempt to slow down or stop themselves after completing a trick. Regardless of your level of expertise, when you toe-drag too hard and for too long, you are risking breaking the skin on your lip (or toe) on your skateboard’s wheel.

4. Wheel Bite

Another way to get injured while skateboarding is to not pay attention to what you are doing and end up with the front of your board completely beneath you while performing a trick on the ground, like slide or grind. This can cause painful damage to both your body and your pride when you land with full force on the front of your skateboard. When you do not pay attention and get caught off guard, this can cause the wheels to stop abruptly while they are still in motion which sends your body either directly onto where the wheels stopped or it forces your body downward at a strange angle which can cause injury. Either way, these scenarios could have easily been avoided.

5. Common Injuries

Here are some common injuries associated with skateboarding, such as cuts and scrapes from trying to do tricks like shove-its, kickflips, and ollies; player’s elbow (which is caused by repetitive motion of the arm in a similar motion skating); broken wrists from attempting tricks such as longboards, big flips, and board slides; broken fingers from grabbing the board too hard when doing tricks.

6. Injuries To Other People

Injuries to other people can happen while skateboarding because you are traveling at a great speed and not paying attention to where you are going or who else might be around while performing a trick. This can result in an accident that causes injury to the person you collide into, or worse yet, death- especially if you are performing a stunt in public where there are lots of people.

7. Personal Injury Lawsuit

One of the most common ways skateboarders get injured is by being involved in a personal injury lawsuit. This can be caused by performing tricks where you fail to pay attention to the location you are in, whether it is indoors or outdoors, public or private. While no one intends to get sued for personal injury when they go skateboarding, it’s just another way that people end up in the emergency room because of this activity.

All You Need To Know About Skateboarding

There are many different styles of skateboarding, which include street skateboarding, vert skateboarding, freestyle skateboarding, long-distance push contest (or marathon ), slalom racing, halfpipe competitions, vertical ramp skating, and speed racing.

The wheels of skateboards are usually made from polyurethane, and the bearings can be either sealed bearings, rubber bearings, or urethane. Skateboarding tricks are moves that skateboarders perform during a ride; most tricks can be done on both sides (front side and backside).

There is an international skateboarding organization, called the World Skateboarding Federation (WSF), and competitions are held regularly. Some of the most famous skateboarders include Eric Koston, David Gonzalez, Mitchie Brusco, and Danny Way.


Skaters who want to get in shape, meet new people, and have fun with their friends will love this. Skateboards are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used for any number of types of things – like relieving stress after a long day at work by skateboarding around town. They also provide hours’ worth of entertainment when you’re just sitting down!