Snake Eyes Piercing Pros And Cons – All You Need To Know

Last Updated on November 16, 2022 by Lily Connel

The snake’s eye piercing is a popular style for people who want to stand out from the crowd. It’s unusual but also gives your appearance an edgy feel.

Snake eyes, also called snake eye piercing or pincher piercing (due to the resemblance to a snake’s fangs) is a type of truncated cartilage piercing. It is an unusual and very painful cartilage piercing that may result in rejection and migration.

Pros and Cons Of Snake Eyes Piercing – The Differences

SerialPros Of Snake Eyes PiercingCons Of Snake Eyes Piercing
1.Snake Eyes Piercing is a Unique Style.A snake eye piercing can cause permanent scarring if you do not take proper care of it.
2.You can change the colour of your accessories to match the colour of your eyes.Snake eye piercings are dangerous. While healing, it is important to wear an eyepatch.
3.The white of your eye is a great spot for a piercing. It doesn’t impede your vision like an eyebrow or lip piercing would.If you get pierced for the first time, it will take 6-12 months to heal. This increased healing time could result in you encountering thunderstorms more often.
4.When you want to hide, you can always put on sunglasses. Or, if you prefer, you can just close your eyes.This increased healing time could result in you encountering thunderstorms more often.
5.Snake Eyes Piercing, it’s so easy! You can do it at home with the right tools and instructions.Snake eye piercings can leave permanent marks on your body if you don’t take care of them.
6.Snake eye piercing is relatively cheap.If you have multiple piercings in one area, your risk of infection increases.
7.You can wear snake eye jewellery on any occasion.That piercing might look cool, but it could cause dry and cracked eyes.

Pros Of Snake Eyes Piercing

1. Unique

They are unique and eye-catching.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

They look pretty and it’s very exciting to have something different done.

3. Different Color Eyes

You can change the colour of your snake eyes depending on how you feel or what you’re wearing! If having a red, green, or blue eye is not enough for you, then get them made in clear silicone so that they reflect light! Or make the whole thing one solid colour with a jewel inserted into it. This would be similar to an orbital but lower chance of rejection since there is only 1 point of entry for the jewel instead of 4.

4. No Worrying About Screw-In Jewelry Falling Out Or Getting Ripped Out By an Accident

The ring itself will never come out unless your body rejects the jewellery and pushes it out.

5. They’re Easy To Maintain

You just need to make sure you keep them clean and free of dirt, oil, and makeup.

6. You Can Still Wear Your Contacts

Since the piercing is on the white part of your eye, it does not affect your vision like a traditional eyebrow or lip piercing would.

7. No One Will Be Able To See Your Piercing When You Have Your Hair Down

Unless they are looking very closely at your eyes from up close, they will not be able to see your snake eyes piercing.

8. You Can Hide Them If You Want To

If for some reason you don’t want people to see you, you can always put on some sunglasses or just close your eyes.

9. They’re Perfect For People Who Are Scared Of Needles

Since there is no hole to pierce, it’s a lot less scary than other piercings!

10. Can Be Done At Home

Since this is not a traditional piercing, you don’t have to go to a professional to get it done. You can do it yourself with the right tools and instructions!

11. They’re A Great Way To Express Yourself

Piercings are a great way to express your personality and individuality. Get snake eyes piercing today and show the world how unique you are!

12. They Heal Quickly

The average healing time for snake eye piercing is about 2-4 weeks.

13. Cost-Effective

Compared to other types of piercings, snake eye piercing is relatively cheap.

14. You Can Wear Them For Any Occasion

Whether you’re going to a formal event or just hanging out with friends, snake eye piercing will look great no matter what!

15. They’re Perfect For People Who Are In The Entertainment Industry

actors, singers, and other performers who need to look their best on stage can benefit from having snake eyes pierced.

16. Can Be Used To Make A Statement

If you want to make a bold statement, then get snake eyes piercing!

17. Can Be Used As An Accessory

Piercings can be used as accessories to add personality and style to your look.

18. You Can Change The Look Of Your Snake Eyes Piercing Whenever You Want

There are so many different types of jewellery that you can use with snake eye piercing, giving you endless possibilities for styling.

19. They’re Perfect For People Who Like To Stand Out From The Crowd

If you’re the type of person who likes to be different and unique, then snake eye piercing is for you!

Cons Of Snake Eyes Piercing

1. Painful

Snake eye piercing can be extremely painful. It can take weeks or even months for the pain to subside.

2. Healing Thunderstorms

Snake eye piercings can take 6-12 months for full healing, which means you will have an increased chance of experiencing abnormal weather patterns like thunderstorms. This may interfere with your daily life and cause frustration due to having to avoid getting wet during healing periods.

3. Unsightly Appearance

Snake eye piercing leaves a significantly underwhelming appearance when not fully healed or in a resting state due to swelling caused by the endless stream of liquid that shoots down from the two piercing holes through your tear ducts when not wearing eye drops. The misconception is that there are four distinct dots rather than two connected dots when in fact snake eyes pierce and leave behind two hideous dots until final healing to create two long connected dots.

4. Eye Strain

Snake eye piercings can increase your risk for severe eye strain that may lead to headaches, irritated eyes, and swollen/sensitive eyelids after prolonged exposure to high-energy light like the sun during sunny days when there are no clouds blocking sunlight or lamps during indoor activities. This can be dangerous if you work outdoors or outdoors frequently without good eye protection like sunglasses or polarized athletic sport shooting glasses.

5. Increased Risk Of Infection

Because snake eye piercing requires puncturing through the surface layer of skin on your tear ducts (which still produce tears), it is a highly prone area for infection due to constant exposure to foreign objects inside the body.

6. Inconvenient Eye Drops Dosage

Snake eye piercings require you to continue using eye drops several times a day for at least 3-6 months in order to reduce the risk of severe irritation, redness, swelling, and discomfort caused by exposure to foreign elements inside your body. The more severe your initial piercing was, the longer it will take for the pain to subside and for you to become comfortable with having foreign objects constantly inside your body.

7. Painful Swelling

During healing periods it is important to wear an eyepatch when going outside in public in case something hits your face causing serious impact damage due to increased blood circulation from snake eye piercings that can cause you to bruise severely when you are not expecting any impacts.

8. Unattractive Scar Tissue

Depending on the severity of your piercings, snake eye piercing can leave behind permanent scarring that remains for years if you do not frequently keep it moisturized and free from dirt and oil build-up. This may be a turn-off for people who would otherwise consider getting snake eyes pierced.

9. Increased Risk Of Dry/Cracked Eyes

Snake eyes piercings significantly increase your risk of dry and cracked eyes caused by constantly exposing yourself to high-energy light like the sun during sunny days when there are no clouds blocking sunlight or lamps during indoor activities such as television viewing, computer usage, reading books/periodicals, studying in school or at home.

History Of Snake Eyes Piercing

In the 1990s Olsen started to experiment with alternative treatments for surface piercings, eventually realizing that she could pierce a slit through a person’s nasal septum and turn it into a small hole where jewellery would be inserted. The design attracted other artists, who picked up on it and began performing similar procedures themselves. The names snake eyes piercing and pincher piercing emerged from this group of followers.

One technique that is commonly used to perform this piercing involves using forceps or another gripping instrument that can hold tissue without causing bleeding or additional pain. The surface barbell which will be worn in the newly created hole is gripped tightly within these forceps, while simultaneously being inserted through the skin and cartilage. The piercer then rotates the jewellery so that the barbell is in the correct position before finally releasing the grip of the forceps.

Due to its unusual location and potential for rejection, snake eye piercing is a highly risky procedure. In some cases, the tissue around the piercing may die as a result of infection or poor aftercare, meaning that the jewellery will have to be removed completely. If this occurs, it can often leave an unsightly scar. In addition, because this is a cartilage piercing there is a greater chance that it will migrate out of place or even reject completely.


In conclusion, snake eye piercing is a highly risky and painful process that can have a significant impact on your daily life. There are many cons to consider before making the decision to get this type of piercing. Do your research and consult with an experienced piercer to see if snake eye piercing is right for you.